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The Longview School District believes that strong leadership builds strong, successful schools. Successful schools ensure a supportive environment for our students.

The superintendent manages, administers and provides leadership to the district and serves as a liaison between the Board of Directors and district staff in achieving the mission of the district.

February 26, 2018 Board Highlights

At its Feb. 26 regular meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors—

  • Observed a moment of silence to remember the victims and community of the Parkland, Fla. school shooting tragedy and the in memory of Longview attorney and community contributor  Patrick Kubin who died last week in a tragic ski accident.
  • Heard from Gian Morelli, director of the Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts about the successful presentation of the historical drama “The Children of Willesden Lane,” participation by high school students in an acapella group performance in December, and the Feb. 22 writing workshop at St. Helens and Northlake by the performer and creative director of the “One Night in Frogtown” (which was presented to the community Feb. 26). Gian thanked the district for its support and cooperation;
  • Honored Mark Morris students who earned the state bowling championship and received awards from the DECA student marketing organization regional competition;
  • Approved on first reading Policy 5401 (Sick Leave);
  • Heard a first read of changes to Policy 5404 (Family, Maternity and Military Caregiver Leave) reflecting state recommendations and requested that further research be done regarding consistency with collective bargaining agreements;
  • Discussed the parameters upon which the 2018-19 budget is to be built including—student achievement, a 6.53% to 7% undesignated ending fund reserve (a month of operating and payroll expenses would total 8.3%), collective bargaining agreements, state class guidelines, behavioral/dropout prevention support, and academic intervention needs of our students including third grade literacy-focused summer school. Information was presented about the current ending fund balance, and current conversations regarding possible legislation that could increase (over the projections) the state tax dollars that would come to the district in the fall. The board heard from a constituent regarding using the fund balance on school safety, and from a teacher questioning the need to increase the undesignated ending fund reserve;
  • Approved changes to Procedure 4040 (Public Access to District Records) to comply with new state laws in a second reading;
  • Tabled the first reading of revisions to Policy, Procedure and form 2022 (Electronic Resources and Internet Safety) to comply with state recommendations pending further review by the Finance, Facilities and Technology subcommittee;
  • Suspended Policy and Procedure 2023 Lesson Plans so the number could be used for a proposed policy Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy;
  • Heard a first reading of new Policy 2023 (Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy);
  • Reviewed the preapproved snow make up days. March 16 will be an instruction day to make up for the weather closure February 21;
  • Reviewed the budget status and enrollment reports for January;
  • Heard that the equity council had its second meeting and is working on its work plan. It will report to the board in the future.
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