Star Polishers

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Project Description

We tell our students that the world cannot do without them. We tell them they can do anything they set their minds to. We tell them they can be the brightest, shiniest stars in the sky, and that the world will be a better place because of them. Adapted from The Star Polisher by Leah Beck
  • Weiss featured

Star Polisher – Alex Weiss

  • McLean featured

Star Polisher – Jodi McLean

  • Benedict featured

Star Polisher – Jennifer Benedict

  • Castle featured

Star Polisher – Marjorie Castle

  • Hulings featured

Star Polisher – Mark Hulings

  • Getchell featured

Star Polisher – Megan Getchell

  • Winters featured

Star Polisher – Angela Winters

  • Mackey and students

Star Polisher – Jason Mackey

  • Enyeart featured

Star Polisher – Dena Enyeart

  • Huffman featured

Star Polisher – Regan Huffman

Star Polisher – Misty Velke

  • Langenbach featured

Star Polisher – Anna Langenbach

  • Johnson and student

Star Polisher – Amy Johnson

  • Bruce Fischer and student

Star polisher – Bruce Fischer

  • Doehne and student

Star polisher – Cory Doehne

  • Chris Rugg and Cascade students

Star polisher: Chris Rugg, Cascade

  • Cascade staff

Star polishers: Cascade’s staff

The Star Polisher project invites students to share stories about staff members—teachers, administrators and support staff—who have helped them feel connected and become successful at school.

This project supports the district’s focus area of “Student Connectedness” in which staff strive to “create meaningful relationships with our students to promote their academic success.” The Star Polisher Project gives our students an opportunity to reflect on how staff members are helping them connect to school and also will give our staff feedback on the positive impacts they have on their students.

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