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Thank you for stopping by. Take a look at some of our examples of excellence. Together we aspire and achieve!

Longview Luminaries

Profiles of former students whose contributions have enriched the city, state, nation, and world.  Read more about Longview Luminaries here.

Awards and achievements

Longview staff members and students shine in a variety of venues–professional excellence, academics, athletics, and citizenship. Read more about Longview achievers here.

Star Polishers

Staff members nominated by students as Star Polishers for contributions to student success. Read more about Star Polishers here.

Employees of the Month

Staff members recognized by their coworkers for their good work.  Read more about Employees of the Month here.

November Employees of the Month

October Employees of the Month

September Employees of the Month

May Employees of the Month

April Employees of the Month

Rising Stars

Highlights of recent Longview Public Schools graduates’ accomplishments and career trajectories. Read more about Rising Stars here

  • Berishev Featured

Rising Star: Elvira (Ella) Berishev

Rising Star: Nathaniel Leslie

  • Kelsey Craft

Rising Star: Kelsey Craft

Rising Star: Kaytlin Ingman