COVID-19 Update

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April 3, 2020

Dear Parents and Families,

On Thursday afternoon, April 2, I sent you an update on the Covid-19 crisis. As we’ve seen throughout this situation, things change quickly.

Shortly after sending you the update letter, Governor Inslee held a press conference extending the “Stay at Home” order through May 4. What this means to all of us is the school closure will now extend through at least May 4.

The district will start teacher driven remote learning on April 15. Your teacher will be contacting you prior to the start of remote learning to provide direction and guidance on lessons.  We will primarily provide instruction, activities, and assignments in a digital format.  However, we will also be providing printed learning materials when needed.  We appreciate your patience as this new learning model is put into place.

Until the teacher driven remote learning model is implemented on the 15th, please take advantage of the learning resources and daily schedules provided on the web site. It is important for students to continue their learning and growth during this difficult time.

As a reminder, meal distribution will continue during the school closure. We distribute breakfast and lunch to any child from birth to age 18 at all of the ten sites on weekdays. As always, please maintain social distancing when picking up meals.

Please stay safe and remember that one of the best things you can do for your child during this time is to read to and with them.  It also of great value to provide regular opportunities for them to read books and other print material that is of interest to them.  Stay well and take care.


Dan Zorn, Superintendent
Longview Public Schools