Project Description

Bond planning

Planning for the November 2019 capital bond started with the failed bond measure in 2017. The district learned from previous efforts and started planning for the 2019 bond measure by reviewing public comments and feedback from 2017.

The Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC), established to provide stakeholder input and oversight of the District’s facility inventory and planning and comprised of district administrators, teachers, principals, board and community members, continued their work.

Starting in early 2018, the FAC worked closely with consultants, invited in speakers to understand population growth issues and held ten community information and input sessions to hear both public and staff input.

In addition, the district commissioned a scientific survey of the community to understand broader thoughts and perspectives. The study shows 70 percent of adults 18 or older support a school district capital bond. Per the study, residents want to see a bond with a focus on addressing safety and security, improving vocational opportunities and fixing major heating, electrical and plumbing problems across all schools.

The school board is scheduled to choose the projects that will comprise the bond measure on April 8, which will then be put to the people for a vote on November 5, 2019.

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