Who we are

Tony VanderMaasAssistant Superintendent
Jill JurvakainenCertificated Specialist
Danielle SchumannCertificated Specialist
Michelle MussoClassified Specialist
Taybra TeetersSecretary

Office Hours

2715 Lilac St
Longview, WA 98632

Phone: 360.575.7000

Fax: 360.575.7231

What we do

The Longview School district aims to maintain a team of staff members who display excellence in order to increase student achievement.

Our Human Resources department facilitates the recruitment process and works to ensure that the needs of our team of staff members are met. The Human Resource department serves as a central hub for the staff in our school district, offering assistance with services pertaining to policies such as sick and personal leaves, sexual harassment, discrimination, and employee rights and satisfaction.

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