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Board Highlights – January 13, 2020

At its regular January 13 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors:

  • Approved the 2020-21 school year calendar.
  • Honored Mr. Ray VanTongeren for his decades of volunteer service.
  • Honored the Longview School Board as part of School Board Appreciation Month and thanked them for their tireless efforts on behalf of the district.
  • Approved the 2020-21 budget development calendar, which included setting two special meetings to conduct board workshops. Those special meetings will occur on Tuesday, January 21 at 6:00 p.m. and Tuesday, February 18, at 6:00 p.m. Both workshops will occur in the board room and will deal with the 2020-21 budget development. The workshops are open to the public.
  • Appointed citizens John Brickey, Anna Davis, Tyson Chapin, Jennie Kordenat, and teacher Steve Powell to the Facility Advisory Committee effective 1/13/20 through June 2022.
  • Heard a first reading on policy and procedure 3120 Enrollment. A second reading will occur on January 27.
  • Heard a first reading on policy and procedure 3211 concerning gender inclusive schools. A second reading will occur on January 27.
  • Heard various informational items and sub-committee reports.
  • The next board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, January 21 – Budget Workshop.
  • The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 27.
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Board Highlights – December 9, 2019

At its regular December 9 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Nominated and elected Phil Jurmu to be the new School Board President.
  • Nominated and elected Don Wiitala to be the new School Board Vice President.
  • Set the day, time and place for regular board meetings in 2020. Board meetings will occur on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month, with the exception of Memorial Day. Regular meetings will begin at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in the Board Room of the District Office.
  • Appointed board members to sub-committees and liaison roles.
  • Listened to a Wako, Japan student delegation report related to R.A. Long and Mark Morris students who visited our sister city, through an exchange program.
  • Heard citizen comments from Bill Hallanger about the capital bond issue and Gary Walker who is seeking consideration that citizens be named to board sub-committees.
  • Listened to a technology department report.
  • Heard a report on State and Federal programs like Title I and the Transitional Bilingual Program.
  • Passed resolution 776 for the upcoming replacement educational programs and operations levy.
  • Authorized the superintendent to study student fees to determine if they might possibly be eliminated in the future. Dr. Zorn will be making a recommendation to the board by the end of March 2020.
  • Next meeting: January 13, 2020.
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Board Highlights – November 25, 2019

At its regular November 25 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Listened to the superintendent’s report including celebration of R.A. Long’s slow-pitch softball team’s WIAA 2A academic championship. Recognized Linda Hahn for being the first para-educator in the State of Washington to earn a para-educator certificate.
  • Passed Resolution 775, which certified the 2020 levy.
  • Voted to pass a replacement educational programs and operations levy for a February 2020 vote. The district will ask the community to approve a 4-year levy to raise funds to help cover the cost of existing services not covered by state funds as follows: $13,790,705 in 2021; $14,496,559 in 2022; $15,235,033 in 2023; and $16,007,613 in 2024.
  • Listened to a 2018-19 year-end financial report. Budget revenue and expenditure projections aligned closely with actual revenues and expenditures.
  • Heard various informational items and sub-committee reports including comments about the valuable training received by board members at the annual WSSDA conference held in Bellevue last week.
  • Announced the swearing in ceremony for school board members will take place December 9, 2020, at 6:00 p.m.
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Board Highlights – November 13, 2019

At its regular November 13 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard the superintendent’s report, which included recognizing the Longview School Board for being named a Washington State School Directors Association Board of Distinction.
  • Discussed the Capital Bond efforts.
  • Discussed student fees and requested detailed information about the amount of revenue student fees generate and how the revenue is used. The board will discuss this matter at a future meeting once the information is gathered.
  • Approved final acceptance of the Summer PRAM projects and added a concrete repair project at Olympic Elementary School to replace a large section of the playground area that is crumbling and causing safety concerns.
  • Heard various informational items and sub-committee reports.
  • Set a special meeting on November 18, 2019, to further discuss the Replacement Operations and Educational Programs Levy. The board hopes to make decisions about the levy at their November 25th regular meeting.
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Board Highlights – October 28, 2019

At its regular October 28 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard the superintendent’s report, including recognizing 2019-20 Teacher of the Year nominees Andrea Feller and Jessica Person, who each received an award by ESD112.
  • A citizen voiced concern about the depth of information given to parents about the threat incident that occurred at Cascade Middle School last week.
  • Listened to a report about the 2019 Summer School.
  • Reviewed the annual state assessment data, which show reading scores are growing at a faster rate than the state. Math results are improving slightly.  Cohort data shows significant improvement over a five year period in comparison to the state.
  • Reviewed and approved the updated Hazard Mitigation Plan, which will be forwarded to Cowlitz County Department of Emergency Management.
  • Conducted a second reading and approved Procedure 3413 regarding Student Immunization and Life Threatening Conditions.
  • Changed the date and location of the next regular board meeting to November 13, 2019, beginning at 6:30 p.m., in the Business Office Conference Room.
  • Heard various informational items and sub-committee reports.
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Board Highlights – October 14, 2019

At its regular October 14 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Alejandra Chavez, a student at Monticello Middle Schools, say Mrs. Benedict is her Star Polisher. Alejandra said, “She made a difference in my life this year by always being there for me, she never gave up on me. She always pushed me to be better and to persevere. Her class is the highlight to my day.”
  • Celina Pedraza, a student at Cascade Middle School, says Mrs. McLean is her Star Polisher. Celina said, “She is a great teacher.”
  • Listened to a report about student demographics.
  • Approved the Highly Capable Program application.
  • Approved revisions to Procedure 1240 concerning board committees and sub-committees.
  • Approved revisions to Policy 3413 regarding student immunizations. Planned a second reading on the accompanying immunization procedure on October 28.
  • Approved revisions to the board agenda calendar.
  • Appointed Directors Jennifer Leach and Don Wiitala to the newly formed policy board subcommittee.
  • Heard various board subcommittee reports.

Next meeting is October 28, 2019 at 6:30 p.m.

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Board Highlights – September 23, 2019

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Mark Morris student Ayla Prince says Mrs. Robasky is her star polisher. Ayla said, “Mrs. Robasky is teaching me new ways and ideas to approach making sculptures that are functional.”
  • R.A. Long student Zoe Watts says Mrs. Donahue is her star polisher. Zoe said, “Mrs. Donahue has not only been a teacher and a director, but someone I can always turn to for help or support with anything that is troubling me.”
  • Spencer Boudreau addressed the board indicating how excited he is for the new R.A. Long STEM center and the opportunities it will offer students.
  • Received a capital bond information update.
  • Appointed Strategic Plan Review Committee members.
  • Adopted the superintendent evaluation timeline.
  • Adopted revisions to Procedure 1240 regarding board sub-committees, standing committees and liaisons. The revision essentially added a new sub-committee named the Policy Committee.
  • Heard various informational items.
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Board Highlights – August 26, 2019

At its regular August 26 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Mark Morris student Simon St. Martin says Mr. Kloke is his Star Polisher. Simon said, “Mr. Kloke is pushing me beyond what I thought I could do.”  R.A. Long student Jaylene Dickerson says Mrs. Grady is her Star Polisher. Jaylene said, “Mrs. Grady helped me to be determined and look on the bright side, which is very helpful.”
  • The Superintendent reported the Strategic Plan Review Committee is taking applications for citizen positions.
  • One citizen addressed the board to applaud Dan Zorn’s bond presentation to the Discovery Club. Another appreciated the growth of participants in the R.A. Long track club and the recently held midnight jamboree.
  • Heard a dual credit completion report.
  • Approved a cooperative between Mark Morris and RA Long for coaching girls’ swimming.
  • Approved a cooperative between Castle Rock H.S. and RA Long for coaching boys’ golf.
  • Adopted Resolution 774 –  2019-20 final budget and four-year budget plan.
  • Approved Policy 6100 regarding revenues from local, state and federal sources. (second reading)
  • Suspended Procedure 6100 due to redundancy.
  • Heard various informational items.
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August 12, 2019, Board Highlights

At its regular August 12 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. R.A. Long student Blake Girt says Mrs. Burleson is his Star Polisher. Blake said, “Mrs. Burleson is awesome and supportive.”
  • Mark Morris student Jennifer Johnson says Mrs. Peters is her Star Polisher. Jennifer said, “Mrs. Peters has been one of the most influential people in my high school career. Not only does she keep me informed of post-secondary opportunities, she encourages me to prepare for them. Not only that, but she has also worked tirelessly with me and others to improve the general welfare of our school through the student resource center.”
  • Heard the Superintendent’s report including comments on a recent week long Conscious Discipline training and new teacher events.
  • Listened to a presentation on the 2019-20 budget and four-year plan. The 2019-20 budget is scheduled to be voted on at the August 26, 2019, regular board meeting.
  • Multiple citizens participated in the budget hearing by asking questions.
  • Heard comments from citizens about the capital bond publication put out by the District, stating that it is very understandable and easy to read.
  • Heard comments from Mark Morris Teacher, Steve Powell, who mentioned a book he recently read that discusses how genetics effect learning.
  • Received an update on the robust CHAMPS Volunteer program.
  • Heard a first reading on Policy 6100 regarding Local, State and Federal sources.
  • Reviewed Procedure 6100 on Local, State and Federal sources, which is recommended for suspension due to the procedure language being found in other policies.
  • Reviewed the Board Retreat agenda, making no changes.
  • Heard various board subcommittee reports, information items and updates.
  • Next board meeting is scheduled on August 26, 2019, at 6:30 p.m., in the Board Room.
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Board Highlights from the July 22, 2019, Regular Meeting

At its regular July 22 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. RA Long student, Farryn Hubbard, says Mr. Cohen is her Star Polisher. Farryn said, “Mr. Cohen is my biology teacher and he’s made it very hands on for the class. We do many labs in AP biology, which has helped me with the more difficult topics in class. The notes we take are full of the necessary information and use good analogies to further explain the concepts.”
  • Xavier Goddard, from Mark Morris High School, says Mrs. Pederson is his Star Polisher. Xavier said, “Mrs. Pederson goes above and beyond to do anything she can to help the students.”
  • Dr. Zorn also reported meeting with a constituent about “financial literacy”.
  • Awarded alternative PRAM repair project bids to various vendors to replace old carpet at the high schools, fix the sinks in the common bathrooms at R.A. Long and to perform a variety of concrete/asphalt repair work at R.A. Long and the entrance off of Lilac Street to the Business Office and Administration Building.
  • Received a 4-year budget projection from Executive Director of Business Services Patti Bowen.
  • Discussed various topics for the Board Retreat agenda, which will occur on August 16.
  • Approved changes to both Policy and Procedure 3122 regarding Excused & Unexcused Absences.
  • Next regular board meeting is scheduled for August 12, at 6:30 p.m.
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