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June 10, 2019 Board Highlights

At its regular June 10 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Sean Eklund, a student at R.A. Long high school, says Mr. Fajardo is his star polisher. Sean said, “Mr. Fajardo put me on the path of becoming a writer by encouraging my work and showing me opportunities to expand and grow.”
  • Mikayla Taylor appreciates Mr. Kloke as her star polisher. Mikayla says, “Mr. Kloke has been so helpful in AP US History this year. He is one of the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever encountered. He is constantly offering his assistance to us before and after school, and provides whatever resources he can to make a very difficult class more manageable.”
  • Recognized Monticello Middle School for being awarded a State School of Distinction Award for continued academic growth and improvement.
  • Held a public hearing on the capital projects fund budget extension related to the R.A. Long STEM Classroom remodel and approved the budget extension via resolution.
  • Requests to address the board included a request to elevate a high school personal finance class to a requirement for graduation.
  • Heard the results of a soil study for the possible new Mint Valley Elementary school should the capital bond measure be approved by voters. The soil study indicated the foundations would need reinforcement. Also learned that the current bid prices for school projects in the region is higher that anticipated, which will require the board to revisit the bond price on June 24.
  • Received a nutrition services report and approved the Summer Food Service Program. The board also approved a .05 cent increase in breakfast & lunch prices to abide by Federal law.
  • Listened to a 2019-20 budget development update. The next update will be provided on June 24.
  • Received an update on the Pay to Participate Fees and voted to waive all fees at the middle and high school to increase participation.
  • Set a hearing date for the 2019-20 budget, which will be on Monday, August 12, 2019, at 6:35 p.m.
  • Appointed Jennifer Leach as the board liaison to WIAA and renewed the district’s membership to the organization.
  • Approved changes to Procedure 3240 regarding student conduct, expectations and reasonable sanctions.
  • Approved changes to Policy 3241 concerning discipline for student misconduct.
  • Approved changes to Procedure 3241 regarding discipline for student misconduct.
  • Next board meeting is June 24, 2019, at 6:30 p.m.
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Board Highlights – May 28, 2019

At its regular May 28 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Jennifer Rodriguez, a student at Mark Morris High School said Mrs. Lane is her Star Polisher. Jennifer said, “Mrs. Lane takes time to ask every student if they understand the content.”
  • Cierra Hobson, a student at RA Long High School says Mrs. Lewis is her Star Polisher. Cierra said, “Mrs. Lewis is my AVID teacher and she makes sure everyone is on the same page. Mrs. Lewis also makes sure you’re okay and you have everything to be successful. She has inspired me to work hard and be the best me that I can.”
  • Adopted revisions to Procedure 2165 Home or Hospital Instruction.
  • Adopted revisions to Policy 3205 Sexual Harassment of Students.
  • Adopted revisions to Policy 3240 regarding Student Conduct, Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions.
  • Set a third reading for Policy 3241 Discipline for Student Misconduct, on June 10.
  • Delayed the first reading of Policy and Procedure 3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences until June 10.
  • Set a public hearing for the 2018-19 Capital Projects Fund Budget Extension, for June 10, at 6:40 p.m.
  • Heard various reports and updates.
  • Held an executive session on potential litigation.
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Board Highlights – May 13, 2019

At its regular May 13 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors –

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Rachelle Noel, a student at Mark Morris High School said Ms. Beck is her Star Polisher. Rachelle said, “Ms. Beck, and really all my teachers, try to help me become the best me possible.”  Blake Girt, a student at RA Long High School says Mrs. Gonzalez is his Star Polisher. Blake says, “Mrs. Gonzales is awesome and supportive.”
  • Heard an update from Superintendent Zorn on athletics and Pay to Play program, including participant fees, gate fees, and other revenue that help fund high school athletics.
  • Heard an update on a district level CEE Data report.
  • Received a Special Education Report from Dr. West, Director of Special Education.
  • Received a curriculum adoption report from Curriculum Director, Ann Valanzuolo and a team of teachers. The board voted to adopt the Instructional Material Committee recommendations.
  • Scheduled a regular board meeting for Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 6:30 pm.
  • Conducted a first reading on Procedure 2165 concerning Home or Hospital Instruction.
  • Conducted a first reading on Policy 3205 regarding Sexual Harassment of Students.
  • Conducted a first reading on Policy 3240 about Student Conduct, Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions.
  • Conducted a first reading on Policy 3241 concerning Student Discipline.
  • Reviewed various informational items and a legislative update.
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Board Highlights – April 22, 2019

At its regular meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors:

  • Had the pleasure of listening to Mark Morris student Wyatt Boyd sing the Star Spangled Banner.
  • Held a moment of silence for Cowlitz County Sheriff Deputy Justin DeRosier who was killed in the line of duty.
  • Celebrated the Mark Morris High School Choir students who received honors this year and will go to state to compete, under the direction of Choir Director Billy Buhl. Those students included:
    • WMEA All-State Symphonic Choir: Wyatt Boyd (Tenor)
    • Local Solo and Ensemble Winners heading to state: Tenor: 1st Place: Wyatt Boyd, 1st Alternate: Nathan Naillon, and Baritone: 1st Place: Joshua Pond
    • TTBB Large Ensemble: Mark Morris Chamber Choir Men: Jacob Buzalsky, Nathan Naillon, Blake Bonner, Brock Barker, Wyatt Boyd, Ryan Pospichal, Nick Skare, Hunter Settle, Jason Carter, Joe Burchett, Joshua Pond, and Dennis Mihai-Lazar
  • Celebrated the Mark Morris DECA students who qualified to compete at nationals in Orlando, Florida, under the direction of Teacher Greg McCormick. Those students included:
    • Hannah Jacobsen, 12th grade, School Based Enterprise- Lion’s Den
    • Jadyn Hemberry, 11th grade, School Based Enterprise-Lion’s Den
    • Macie Balkan, 10th grade, School Based Enterprise-Lion’s Den
    • Ethan Huynh, 12th grade, Public Relations Project- Roundball Rowdies
    • Lakota Kramer, 12th grade, Financial Literacy Promotion Plan
    • Jayde Hooper, 10th grade, Thrive Chapter Campaign
    • Gunnar Henthorn, 10th grade, Thrive Chapter Campaign
  • Recognized Health Occupation Students of America 3rd place state finalists who will be competing at nationals in the Emergency Medical Technician competition. Mark Morris student Travis Hutton and R.A. Long student Piper Nguyen will compete for Longview. This is the first time Longview School students have entered the state competition and first time to nationals, under the direction of Teacher Dan Ruiz.
  • Heard public comment from Ian Thompson of Lower Columbia School Gardens who emphasized the need for the LCSG to be informed in the planning of the new Northlake Elementary, should the bond pass.
  • Heard a summer school planning update from Director of State and Federal Programs, Amy Neiman. Summer school will be offered at elementary, middle and high schools this year.
  • Received a report on curriculum adoption from Curriculum Director Ann Valanzuolo, and voted to adopt an 8-year curriculum cycle instead of a 7 year cycle, to help save money and provide more time between adoptions for teachers to adjust to new curriculum.
  • Awarded bids to various vendors for repair and construction work listed on the annual PRAM list.
  • Listened to a 2019-20 budget development update from Director of Business Services Patti Bowen and authorized the superintendent to move forward with expense reductions.
  • Set an August 16, 2019, date for a School Board retreat.
  • Reviewed various informational items, including subcommittee reports, and legislative updates.
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April 8, 2019 Board Highlights

At its regular April 8 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

Honored Mark Morris Band Students for their musical accomplishments this year and thanked Music Teacher Regan Huffman for her dedication. Mark Morris band students receiving honors this year included:

    • Western International Band Clinic Honor Band-  Morgan Ebert (percussion).
    • Pacific Lutheran University Honor Band-Dahlia Prince (trumpet), Samantha Jones (trumpet), Joseph Sanchez (trumpet), Andrew Wilson (alto saxophone) and Morgan Ebert (percussion)
    • All-State Band- Morgan Ebert (percussion)
    • Lower Columbia College Honor Band- Simon St. Martin Shook (French Horn), Hailey Harris (clarinet), Andrew Wilson (alto saxophone), Bebs Hack (euphonium), Morgan Ebert (percussion), Logan Harris (tuba), Dahlia Prince (trumpet), Samantha Jones (trumpet), Kaylina Smith (trumpet), Joseph Sanchez (trumpet)
    • Regional solo and ensemble winners- Morgan Ebert (multiple percussion) took first in her category and will be going to the state solo and ensemble competition at the end of April.  Morgan Ebert and Kameron Werner (both percussion) won first alternate to state solo and ensemble contest in small group percussion.  Morgan Ebert won 1st alternate to state solo and ensemble on snare drum.


  • Heard two Star Polisher remarks. RA Long student Mary Broderius calls Mrs. Ormond her Star Polisher. Mary said, “Mrs. Ormond has become a second and sometimes first mom for me. The connection she makes with our AVID family has been beyond what any teacher should or would do. Mrs. Ormond has seen everyone in the AVID class cry multiple times and she is always there for any of her kids whenever we need her. There are not words I could use to describe the appreciation and love the AVID class and I have for her.”
  • Mark Morris student Jacob Lawhern calls Mrs. Alejandro his Star Polisher. Jacob said, “Mrs. Alejandro takes the time out of her day to care about the well-being of her students and always brightens up everyone’s day. Her class is both serious, and yet at the same time enjoyable and full of games that are fun. I love learning Spanish with her because she makes it understandable and I don’t feel lost in her class at all.”
  • Heard a community partner report from Vashti Langford and Sonya Packard from the Cowlitz Indian Tribe Healing of the Canoe program. Healing of the Canoe is a life skills and prevention program in Cowlitz County that works with school students.
  • Approved major repair project bids for six schools so work could start as soon as possible.
  • Approved the capital facilities bond proposal at $115 million.
  • Reviewed and approved revisions to Policy 3143 regarding notification of juvenile and sex offenders.
  • Reviewed and approved changes to Procedure 3144 concerning release of information of student sex offenders.
  • Reviewed and approved revisions to Policy 3231 regarding student records.
  • Reviewed and approved changes to Policy 4314 concerning notification of threats of violence.
  • Reviewed and approved revisions to Procedure 4314 about notification of threats of violence.
  • Reviewed various informational items and a legislative update.
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Board Highlights – March 25, 2019

At its regular March 25 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • As part of Music in our Schools Month, the board heard a musical performance by a Monticello Symphony Quartet play a piece by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Quartet members included Silas Burchim, Aiden McCoy, Lucas Davies and Leo Askeland.
  • Recognized R.A. Long students Delaney Morgan for her All-State Symphony Orchestra achievement and Seth Klander, who placed first in Regionals on Timpani, 1st Alternate on both Mallet Percussion and Piano. Seth will be performing at a state competition next month.
  • Recognized the R.A. Long choir students All-State Boys’ Honor Choir participants Hamson Eram, Rene Alvarez, and Zach Schemenauer.
  • Recognized R.A. Long student Ada Beasley who was selected to the All Northwest Women’s Choir. Ada was selected among students in the states of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington and Alaska.
  • Recognized the R.A. Long Trios who won their division at regionals and will be competing at state include Christian Luna,  Rene Alvarez, and Zach Schemenauer for the men’s and Ada Beasley, Ayla Secrist, Taylor Long for the women’s.
  • Learned the Mark Morris Band/Symphony/Choir students will be recognized next month at an upcoming board meeting.
  • Heard about two Star Polishers. R.A. Long student Emma Gilchrist identified Mrs. Jackson as her Star Polisher. Emma said, “Mrs. Jackson has always helped those who were sad, depressed or angry. She is a very trustworthy person in this world. Keep up the good work — all the students appreciate it.”
  • Mark Morris student Grace Sims appreciates Mr. Moser as her Star Polisher. Grace said, “Mr. Moser teaches us a different way than other teachers. Even though he jokes around with us, he always makes sure we understand the unit we’re learning and helps make sure we are prepared for our lives.”
  • Heard a presentation on the draft capital facilities bond proposal.
  • Listened to public comment on the draft capital facilities bond proposal.
  • Received a report on Career and Technical Education from Director of Career and College Readiness, Jill Diehl.
  • Heard recommendations for E-Rate project vendors by Technology Manager Matt Keevy.
  • Listened to a first reading on policy 3143 concerning juvenile offenders.
  • Listened to a first reading on policy and procedure 3144 concerning release of information about student sexual and kidnapping offenders.
  • Heard a first reading on policy 3231 regarding student records.
  • Heard a first reading on policy and procedure 4314 concerning threats of violence or harm.
  • Made instructional materials committee appointments.
  • Reviewed various informational items and a legislative update.
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Board Highlights – March 11, 2019

At its regular March 11 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Recognized the Mark Morris boys’ basketball team for earning the title of state academic champions.
  • Recognized Educational Support Professionals Week, which is March 11-15, 2019, and thanked our classified employees for their contributions to our school system and students.
  • Recognized Washington State School Retirees Appreciation Week, which is March 18-24, and recognized our educational retirees.
  • Listened to a comprehensive Early Learning Report from Broadway Principal Megan Shea-Bates.
  • Heard an update on capital facilities bond planning related to major maintenance projects and safety and security.
  • Reviewed various informational items and a legislative update.
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February 25, 2019 Board Highlights

At its regular February 25 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. RA Long student Evan Davidson says Mr. Reid is his Star Polisher. Evan said, “Mr. Reid helps me realize the reality of the things I want in life and helps me get on the right path as far as spending and finances go. He teaches me important things about money.”
  • Mark Morris student Madalyn Whitman named Mr. Buhl as her Star Polisher. Madalyn said, “As being a committed choir student, Mr. Buhl has shown us nothing but commitment as well. He teaches us not only musical skills, but how to become a better human being. Mr. Buhl has made an impact on many lives throughout the choir program.”
  • Listened to the superintendent’s report which recognized the outstanding career of RA Long girls basketball player Eastyn Reeves.
  • Recognized Diondra Beck, Angela Guinn, Carmen Hewitt, Stacy Niemi, Anna Peterson, Lauren Princehouse, Angela Richards, Jennifer Sharer and Shawna Wilson for receiving National Board Certification.
  • Heard a Highly Capable report from Director of Assessment & Technology Bill Ofstun.
  • Reviewed a list of tasks and issues for board consideration and to establish completion dates.
  • Discussed various informational items such as the February enrollment report and the January budget status report.
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February 11, 2019 Board Highlights

At its regular February 11 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. Mark Morris high school student Angel Booth says Mrs. Allred is her Star Polisher. Angel said, “Mrs. Allred helps me learn from my mistakes and helps me stay out of trouble. She is kind and understanding.”  Also, Eastyn Reeves from RA Long says Mr. Ruiz is her Star Polisher. Eastyn said, “Mr. Ruiz has helped me learn more about anatomy and medical science careers. He is one of many teachers at RA Long I have a strong relationship with and I know I can talk to him about anything.”
  • Recognized the Mark Morris girls’ bowling team for winning two state championships in a row and recognized that Mark Morris student Brooklyn Boudreau won her third state championship as an individual bowler, which is the first time in state history this has happened.
  • Heard a report on McKinney Vento student services from Homeless Coordinator Molly Dubois.
  • Approved the 2019-2020 budget development calendar with some date changes.
  • Listened to various informational items.
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January 28, 2019 Board Highlights

At its regular January 28 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard student feedback from the Star Polisher program. Discovery High School student Phoebe Robeson says Mrs. Bergquist is her Star Polisher. Phoebe said, “Mrs. Bergquist is kind, funny and NOT boring when she teaches. It is a joy to be in her class.”  Ana Maria Sanchez Matias, a student at Mark Morris High School, said about Mr. Rhuter, “He makes me feel like I have a purpose in life.”
  • Heard a report on staff professional development from Curriculum Director Ann Valanzuolo.
  • Approved Policy & Procedure 2320 regarding Field Trips and Excursions.
  • Suspended policy 6607 concerning High School activity as it’s been replace by policy 2320.
  • Set special meetings for capital facility bond planning.
  • Adopted budget parameters for the 2019-2020 school year.

Heard various informational and board sub-committee reports.

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