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Board Highlights – October 12, 2020

At their regular meeting on October 12, 2020, the Board of Directors:

  • Approved the consent agenda which contained the minutes from their September 28, 2020, regular meeting, the personnel report and warrants.
  • Heard a report from the superintendent related to the Communications Department receiving awards through the Washington School Public Relations Association including Best in Category for the Special Purpose Publication which is the How To Guide and an Award of Excellence for the Annual Report.
  • Heard an update on the Cowlitz County COVID positive case rate, which is now in the moderate range, which will allow the district to proceed with transitioning to hybrid learning beginning on October 19 for grades K-2; October 26 for grades 3-5; and November 9 for secondary students.
  • Heard a variety of concerns from parents about getting their children into school full time with full supports, concern by  a citizen who was worried teachers were being asked to do too much with both in person teaching and remote teaching, and appreciation by a teacher who thanked the board for following the state safety guidelines for reopening for the health and safety of all involved.
  • Elected Don Wiitala as the board president and Jennifer Leach as the Board Vice President.
  • Approved the Board Director Vacancy Timeline and agreed to have a subcommittee meet to discuss how best to hold the interviews, which must be public.
  • Heard the annual demographics report. The demographics of the district have changed very little, other than enrollment which is down by 300 students during the pandemic.
  • Adopted the board goals for 2020-21 and agreed to periodically check in on those goals this year.
  • Awarded the Cascade and Monticello HVAC Controls Retrofit Project to Delta Connects in the amount of $1654,120 plus sales tax.
  • Heard a report on board subcommittees, and requested a report on the new hybrid model after students come back.

Next Meeting: October 26, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.





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Board Highlights – September 28, 2020

At their regular meeting on September 28, 2020, the Board of Director of Longview Public Schools:

Approved the consent agenda which contained Minutes from their September 14th and 21st meetings, the personnel report, contracts, warrants and an iGrants Form 217 Highly Capable Program Application for 2020-21.

Heard a request to continue the board meetings in Zoom when the board returns to in-person meetings because a large number of people have been attending the Zoom meetings; heard an inquiry about the school board vacancy, and a concern from a teacher who wanted more information about middle school cohort plans.

Heard the latest COVID-19 data for Cowlitz County.

Passed a motion to approve transitioning to hybrid learning by moving to stage 2 on 10/19, stage 3 on 10/26, and stage 5 on November 9. The board directed the superintendent to track the most recently available data on October 12 to assure that infection rates are in the moderate range. If infection rates are not in the moderate range, the board authorizes the superintendent to delay the start of hybrid learning.

Took questions and comments about school reopening plans. Some expressed concern at the thought of returning to school during a pandemic while others expressed concern that students are being kept out of school unnecessarily.

Recognized Phil Jurmu for his years of service at the district and as a school board members. Jurmu was issued a certificate of appreciation and an award. The superintendent and board thanked him for his service and wished him the best in his new endeavors in Minnesota.

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Board Highlights – August 24, 2020 Regular Meeting

At their regular meeting on August 24, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Longview School District:

  • Approved the consent agenda which contained the approval of the July 31, 2020; August 5, 2020; August 10, 2020; Personnel Report; Contracts and Personal Service Agreements; Authorization to Surplus Vehicles; Authorization to Purchase Buses, Contract award for 2020-21 Cafeteria Kitchen Overwrap Machine; and Warrants.
  • Heard a  report from Superintendent Dan Zorn related to the current COVID-19 cases in the county and how the case level affects school reopening. Overall, the cases are trending downward. According to the Department of Health School Reopening Decision Tree, the county is considered to be in the “moderate” level, which could allow the district to begin hybrid classes, if the trend continues past Labor Day. He indicated that if the trend continues he anticipates that the district could begin the hybrid model for the youngest elementary students in mid-September. He urged the public to do their part to control the transmission of the virus so the district can return to in-person learning.
  • Heard public comments from a number of employees who expressed concerns about the temporary layoffs impacting the SEIU and LCPEA members and how those impacts could affect student learning or school operations. Some citizens called in to express concern about remote learning, specifically questioning how children who are in daycare centers will learn remotely when their parents are at work. One special education student expressed a desire to return to in-person learning, noting that he does not learn well remotely.
  • Adopted Resolution 786 – 2020-21 Final Budget and the Four Year Budget Summary.
  • Awarded the emergency replacement of the Mark Morris High School HVAC controls to Delta Connects for $89,523 plus Washington sales tax.
  • Next Meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.



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Board Highlights – August 10, 2020 Regular Meeting

At their August 10, 2020 regular meeting, the Board of Directors of the Longview School District:

  • Conducted a public hearing and took public testimony on the 2020-21 budget and four year budget plan. The board will take action to adopt the budget on August 24, 2020.
  • Adopted Resolution 781  approving the Longview School District COVID-19 Reopening Plan
  • Authorized the superintendent to reopen school in Stage 1, fully remote instruction.
  • Authorized the Superintendent to apply for a 180-day waiver to OSPI to trade 3 instructional days for 3 professional development days on September 2,3, and 5, with school to start on September 8.
  • Adopted the 2020-21 Board Agenda Calendar.
  • Approved revisions to Policy and Procedure 5010 Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action.

The next regular meeting will occur on August 24, 2020


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Board Highlights – July 27, 2020

At their July 27, 2020 regular meeting, the Board of Directors of the Longview School District:

  • Welcomed over 180 people joining the remote ZOOM meeting.
  • Approved the consent agenda which contained the July 13, 2020 regular meeting minutes, the personnel report, contracts and personal service agreements, the Cafe paper supplies bid, produce bid, baker bid and dairy bids, and approved the warrants.
  • Thanked LEA Union Representative Ray Clift for his six years of service as a union representative and for his almost 30 years of service to the Longview School District. Dr. Zorn and board members expressed their appreciation and gratitude for Ray’s leadership.
  • Approved Procedure 3210 Nondiscrimination (students) in a first reading. The procedure was changed to include language about service animals in schools.
  • Conducted a first reading on Policy and Procedure 5010 Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action. The board will hold a second reading on August 10.
  • Heard a report on school reopening efforts and received public comment from parents, citizens and employees.
  • Scheduled a board work session on Friday, July 31, at 4:00 p.m.
  • Heard a budget status report for the month of June.

Next board meeting is scheduled for July 31, 2020 , at 4:00 p.m.

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Board Highlights – July 13, 2020

At the regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board:

  • Approved the consent agenda, which contained minutes, a personnel report, Resolution 781 cancelling outstanding warrants, warrants and accepted the warehouse paper supplies bid.
  • Heard a school reopening planning report by Dr. Zorn.
  • Heard public comment about the parent survey which was sent out to all parents on July 10, and public comment from a teacher who expressed concerns about reopening school this fall.
  • Awarded the Kessler Elementary School Gym Roof Replacement Project and the Dick Mealy Pool Roof Replacement Project to Weatherguard for $382,525 plus tax.
  • Approved the superintendent’s employment contract for 2020-21 through 2022-2023.
  • Discussed board retreat agenda items. The board retreat is scheduled for August 5, 2020, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Heard an overview of the Preliminary 2020-21 Budget, and the Four Year Budget Forecast provided by Executive Director of Business Services Patti Bowen.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 27, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.,  via ZOOM.


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Board Highlights – June 22, 2020

At their regular meeting on June 22, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Longview School District:

  • Approved the consent agenda which contained the June 8, 2020 regular meeting minutes, the personnel report, contracts, and warrants.
  • Heard a recommendation from the Superintendent to postpone discussion about the annual superintendent goals to the board’s August retreat. The review of goals usually centers on student academic achievement, but state testing was suspended this year due to COVID-19. Dr. Zorn recommended the goals be future focused, given the circumstances.
  • Heard a report on the reconstitution of the Equity Task Force, which will be lead by Dr. Elizabeth West and expanded to include stakeholders from diverse racial backgrounds. Focus groups will be formed as well.
  • Heard a verbal report about the status of the summer PRAM (maintenance) projects by Facilities Manager Jason Reetz. Reetz reported the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed work down slightly, but overall, much of the planned work will be done by the end of summer.
  • Heard a report about the school re-opening efforts and the new re-opening guidelines schools will be required to follow.
  • Referred the Board Agenda Calendar discussion to the board retreat in August.
  • Approved the LEA and LCPEA two year contracts.
  • Held an executive session related to the superintendent’s performance evaluation.

Next board meeting is July 13, at 6:30 p.m.


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Board Highlights – June 8, 2020

At their regular meeting on June 8, 2020, the Board of Directors of the Longview School District:

Heard a report on the high school graduation ceremonies at all three high schools. The ceremonies went well. Dr. Zorn applauded everyone who worked to make the events possible.

Heard a variety of public comments including compliments related to the Executive Director of Student Services Jill Diehl being hired as a superintendent of Pioneer School District, graduation ceremonies and concerns from a teacher about the policy of issuing students a passing grade if they were receiving a passing grade in March, even if the students have not engaged in school since that time. One citizen questioned whether parents of special needs students are on the re-opening steering committees.

Heard a request from Connie Noakes of the LEA for the district to take a stance on the Black Lives Matter movement occurring throughout the nation right now. Ms. Noakes also asked administrators to consider the option of having elementary school children attend school full time next year so they learn fundamental skills like reading, writing and math.

Approved the summer food service program, which will provide grab and go breakfasts and lunches once a day at specific locations.

Approved the purchase of the middle school social studies curriculum recommendations provided by the Instructional Material Committee.

Approved the Longview Virtual Academy Pilot Program, which will provide an alternative to the traditional classroom model by providing online learning to students middle through high school who are seeking an online environment.

Heard an update on the 2020-21 budget development. Executive Director of Business Services Patti Bowen mentioned there are still many unanswered questions. Known budget changes will be incorporated into the budget and a draft budget will be made public on July 10.

Set a public hearing on the Preliminary 2020-21 Budget on Monday, August 10, 2020, at 6:35 p.m.

Identified items the board would like addressed at an upcoming board meeting including a timeline for achieving Equity work, and update on PRAM projects, and board retreat ideas.

The next board meeting is planned for June 22, 2020.



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Board Highlights – April 27, 2020

At their regular meeting on April 27, 2020, the Longview School District Board of Directors:

Approved the consent agenda which contained the Minutes of April 11, 2020, the Personnel Report, Warrants and the Annual update to the Affirmative Action Plan.

Recognized teachers as part of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Listened to a Whole Child Report provided by Executive Director of Student Services Jill Diehl. Jill highlighted the work that has been occurring in the district related to mental health, social emotional learning, conscious discipline, and equity.

Adopted Resolution 778 Emergency Waiver of School Days and Instructional Hours.

Adopted Resolution 779 Emergency Waiver of High School Graduation Credits.

Moved their May 25, 2020 regular meeting to May 26, 2020. The meeting will occur using the remote meeting platform ZOOM. It will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Heard a report about COVID 19 and how the response efforts are impacting state and local revenues.

Next meeting is planned for Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

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Board Highlights – April 27, 2020

At their regular meeting on April 27, 2020, the Board of Directors:

  • Approved regular business items including the minutes of April 13, 2020; the personnel report; revisions to the 2020-21 school calendar; contracts and personal service agreements, and warrants.
  • Heard a report from Superintendent Dr. Dan Zorn who discussed the hiring of Christina Hoskins as the new Columbia Heights Elementary School Principal. He noted that Christina has spent two years as an assistant elementary principal in Kelso and she worked at Olympic in recent years as a math and behavior coach. He was excited to welcome Christina back to Longview.  He also discussed remote teaching and learning efforts, which appears to be going well. He noted that one of the challenges teachers are having include engaging all student remotely. Staff continue to make contact with students to engage in their learning.  The food service program will be expanded to serve more students and will include dropping food off at 63 locations each day. A survey was conducted which found the need growing. Regular bus stops will be used to drop off meals. Decisions were made about grading during the closure and shared with parents.  Decisions were also made related to the 2020 graduation ceremonies which will take place virtually with the help of KLTV, who has reached out to help. Once the virtual graduation ceremonies is produced and put together it will look much like a real graduation with speakers and each student switching their tassel from one side to the other.
  • Heard a report about schools who earned state recognition recently for closing the achievement gaps in certain demographics. Mt. Solo closed the gap for Hispanic students and increasing achievement levels. CVG was identified for improved achievement among its Caucasian student population. Northlake was identified for closing gaps for all students, including those on the free and reduced lunch program, and minority students. The governor’s office interviewed Principal Dr. Cora Lazo because they were impressed with the improvements made at Northlake Elementary. Dr. Zorn and the board commended the work of the staff and administration at each of those schools and were pleased to hear the state recognized these schools.
  • Heard the annual special education report from Executive Director of Special Education Dr. Elizabeth West, which included good news on a recent WISM Audit. The district scored a 95% out of 100 for its comprehensive program, which was found to be in compliance with proper programming and excellent record keeping.
  • Heard a report about the development of the 2020-21 budget from Executive Director of Business Services Patti Bowen, who highlighted recent developments related to the COVID 19 closure and how it may impact next years budget and future budgets. She noted the legislature may go into a special session this summer or fall to work out state revenue issues, which may trickle down and impact district revenues. Staff will continue working on the budget and will provide regular updates to the board before it is to be adopted at the end of August 2020.
  • Set a special meeting date on August 5, 2020, for the purpose of holding a retreat at the district board room, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Next meeting is planned for May 11, 2020, at 6:30 p.m.


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