Dear Parents and Families,

At the August 10th regularly scheduled board meeting, the school board approved the plan to start the school year in full remote learning. Input from families and the community had a significant impact on the final decision.

As I mentioned in an email last week the district has two immediate goals 1) provide our kids an outstanding remote learning experience and 2) get our kids back in school for in-person instruction as soon as the community health situation allows. Please remember, when the district returns to in person school parents can choose to keep their child learning remotely.

The district is working very hard improving remote learning. When school starts, you will find better communication from our schools, simplified learning platforms, consistent schedules, a return to regular grading practices and a combination of live and recorded video lessons.  These improvements will provide students with the instruction and resources they need to learn.

For those of you who do not have a device to connect to the Internet, we will again be holding Chromebook distribution days. Watch your email, the district web site or Facebook page for more information.

On August 27, 28, 31 and September 1 our staff will be engaged in the training necessary to make remote learning outstanding this year. At last night’s meeting, the board also authorized me to request a waiver from OSPI to exchange the first three days of student instruction, September 2, 3, and 4, for additional professional development, preparation, and student/family outreach time for our staff members. If approved, this additional time will help us to assure we are providing a significantly better remote learning experience for our students and move the first day of school to September 8, the day after Labor Day.

We will be monitoring the community health metrics closely and will begin our transition to in-person learning as soon as reasonably possible. Any decisions concerning returning to in person learning will include input from state and local health officials, parents, staff, union partners, and community members.

While the coming school year is filled with uncertainty and challenges, there are a couple of things I am sure of – our kids need us and we will do an outstanding job of meeting their academic and social/emotional needs whether we are in a remote or in-person instructional model.

Please stay tuned, more information will be coming out all month.


Dan Zorn, Superintendent

Longview Public Schools

Parents Quick Start Guide to Remote Learning 2.0

  1. Chromebook – Each child attending a Longview school needs a Chromebook. Families needing a Chromebook should call their school. Your school will check out a Chromebook free of charge. You will need to return the Chromebook when school switches to in-person learning.
  2. An Internet Connection – There are two options: Free Comcast internet or a cellular hotspot. You can request a cellular hotspot by calling your school or apply directly to Comcast (you can do this on your mobile phone) to see if you qualify for FREE internet service at
  3. Technology Help – For help with technology access, please contact your school.

Virtual Classroom – Teachers and students will interact through virtual classrooms. Teachers will post assignments, materials, videos, grade student work, etc. in the classroom. Students will turn in assignments, ask questions, and respond to teacher feedback. In Google, documents are saved in Google Drive. To access Google Drive, click on the black/white waffle icon on the upper right-hand corner of a new web browser window.

Each student’s login information will be sent in a separate mailing. It is the same as last year for those who remember it.

a. Seesaw – Grades PreK-3 will use Seesaw for the virtual classroom. Access it by:

b. Google Classroom – Grades 4-12 will use Google Classroom for the virtual classroom. Access it by:
– Grades 4-8: Sign in to the student’s Chromebook and click on the Google Classroom link. If accessing from another device, sign in to the student’s Clever account. (
– Grades 9-12: Log in to the student’s Chromebook, which takes them to their desktop. From there they can access all
Google applications.

Class sessions will be held using videoconferencing, where teachers and students interact in real time. These video conferences are expected daily. Videoconferencing will happen using:

a. Zoom – Most classes will use Zoom for videoconferencing. Teachers will provide a link and password in Seesaw or Google Classroom
fo r the Zoom sessions.
b. Google Meet – teachers in grades 6-12 may choose to use Google Meet for scheduled videoconferencing.

1. Weekly Assignments – Teachers will post their lesson plans outlining work expectations weekly on Seesaw or Google Classroom or via email.
2. Weekly Schedule – Your school will provide a weekly class schedule prior to the start of school.

Other Information/Forms

Dear Parents and Families,

At the August 10th board meeting, the Longview School Board voted to start the school year in full remote (online) learning. This letter is to provide you with some specifics related to special education supports and services for the upcoming school year.

The District Special Education Department has spent the summer working closely with state and local officials creating specific procedures for special education students during remote learning.  Some important information for you to know:

  • When the district is in full remote status students with disabilities will be as well. However, staff may bring in students for assessments, evaluations or services on a case-by-case basis. The district will follow the Department of Health’s health and safety requirements, to the extent possible, to reduce the risk for staff and students.
  • We will prioritize full implementation of IEPs in the fall. Specifically, you will hear from your child’s case manager no later than September 4 to discuss the schedule and implementation of your child’s IEP.  Each student will have a master schedule built that details when their IEP goal(s) and specially designed instruction will be provided.  We have spent the summer improving the remote learning model which will assist with implementation efforts
  • Any delayed Evaluations, Re-Evaluations and annual IEPs will be completed within 30 days of the first day of school
  • We realize you may have questions and concerns. Your first point of contact will be your child’s case-manager. We asked case-managers to arrange a check in with parents at least every other week to gather input to guide remote learning efforts.

To assist with communication please ensure that the district has your current e-mail on file by sending your name and your student’s name to The District Special Education Department will be providing ongoing updates.  I appreciate your patience and support.


Elizabeth A. West

Executive Director of Special Education

Longview Public Schools

GradeStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7
PreK-2Remote LearningHybridHybridHybridHybridIn-PersonIn-Person
3-5Remote LearningRemote LearningHybridHybridHybridIn-PersonIn-Person
6-8Remote LearningRemote LearningRemote LearningHybridHybridHybridIn-Person
9-12Remote LearningRemote LearningRemote LearningRemote LearningHybridHybridIn-Person
At RiskRemote LearningHybridHybridHybridHybridIn-PersonIn-Person
  • At risk = students in need of intensive academic intervention, intensive supports to achieve on-time graduation, extensive social/emotional supports, Special Education programs.
  • Safety precautions, as recommended by federal, state and local health officials will be in place throughout all school reopening stages. Precautions include mandatory face cloth coverings, social distancing, health screenings, regular cleaning and disinfecting, regular hand washing, appropriate clean air movement and filtration and cohorting (keeping groups of students together).
  • Remote learning = students learning remotely through live video instruction, recorded video instruction, regular grading practices and a regular school schedule.
  • Hybrid = students attend school in-person 2 days a week*, and 3 days a week remote learning. Schedules for at-risk student services will be determined individually.
  • In person = all students attend school in-person, 5 days per week.*

*Students who prefer to receive remote learning instead of any form of in-person learning outlined in this plan may continue with a fully remote learning option provided by the district.

Movement from stage to stage is based on the number of positive COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people in Cowlitz County, consultation with health officials, and other community health considerations. The Washington State Department of Health School Reopening Decision Tree explains how the district will consider this data when determining the stages of fully reopening our schools.

Meal Service Program

The school district meal service program is helping serve kids in need during this challenging time. Please see some recent changes to the meal program below.

*Beginning September 8th and throughout the remote learning phases of school reopening Longview Public Schools will continue providing meal service * Meals will be served Grab n’ Go style. Meals will be charged to student accounts under their approved student meal status of free, reduced or full pay. Students will need to provide their PIN Number or First and Last Names when picking up meals.

Longview Public School Meal Service Locations and Times:

Meal Offering: Grab n’ Go breakfast and lunch served on weekdays. Meals will be charged to student accounts under their approved student meal status of free, reduced or full pay. Students will need to provide their PIN Number or their First and Last Names when picking up meals. Free and Reduced meal
applications can be found at this link:

Static Sites

Meal Service 12:00 – 12:30pm, Monday – Friday
St. Helens Elementary – Main Office Entrance
Kessler Elementary – Main Office Entrance
Monticello Middle School – Main Office Entrance
Northlake Elementary – Main Office Entrance
Columbia Heights Elementary – Main Office Entrance
Mint Valley Elementary – Main Office Entrance

Mobile Delivery Sites

Meal Service 11:45am – 12:00pm, Monday – Friday
Baker’s Corner Store parking lot – 5601 Ocean Beach Hwy, Longview
Archie Anderson Park – 22nd Ave & Alabama St, Longview

Meal Service 12:15 – 12:30pm, Monday – Friday
Youth and Family Link parking lot – 907 Douglas St, Longview
Community House on Broadway – 1335 11th Avenue, Longview (in parking lot behind building by Evangel Christian Fellowship)