Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you for your great interest in the continued education of your children during the statewide school closure.

At today’s Chromebook distribution, the demand was much higher than we anticipated. On Monday, March 30 we will again distribute Chromebooks at the same locations and times (noon-12:30pm) to meet the demand we experienced today.

Due to the high demand, we will only be able to check out one Chromebook per family. This will allow more families to stay connected to learning during the school closure.  We also want to remind you that any computer that is able to access the internet is also able to access the learning resources available on our website.  A Chromebook is not required for this access. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Keep checking the district web site, Facebook page, and your email for updates. And, should you be checking out a Chromebook on Monday, remember to maintain social distancing. Stay healthy.

Thank you.