Welcome families! During this time of school closure, we want to provide some optional learning resources to use with your children. The the links below will offer a list of websites that provide lessons, activities, games and other learning tools. These lists are organized by subject area such as, reading, math, science, and social studies. All of the resources are free, but in some cases you may need to sign up for a free account.

Click on the grade group below to access your student’s list of learning resources.


Clever is an easy way for students to access all of the learning applications they use at school. It allows them to access all of their learning applications with a single username and password, or by using a Clever Badge. To access Clever click here.

Success in accessing district online resources like Clever and iReady depend upon what device you are using and how you are going about logging in.  Access to district k-8 reading and math online instruction is found in an application called iReady.  The portal to access iReady is an application called Clever (https://clever.com/in/longviewschools).  Longview students will select the Log In with Google from the Clever login page and enter their District-provided Google email address and password. Personal Gmail accounts will not work.

Once logged into Clever you will see the student home page with a variety of applications of which iReady is one.

To launch iReady online lessons, click on the iReady application

Students will be given a simple choice – Reading or math.  The level of instruction is set by the student’s previous (January/February) iReady diagnostic test results.

  1. We recommend you use a Chrome browser on a Mac or PC.  Firefox and Microsoft Edge will also work.  Avoid Internet Explorer.
  2. iPads work, but will work better when there is an iPad app for site you want to access.  There is an Clever app (available through the app store). This is also true for several other resources such as Khan Academy.
  3. When you log your student(s) into Clever, select the Login with Google from the login page and enter the student’s username and password.
  4. Providing access for more than one student on a device can be tricky.  Chromebooks are easy – just login individually with the district Google username/password.

The following screen shots are for logging in on a PC using Chrome.  The process is the same on a Mac using a Chrome browser though the look is different:

Notice on the screen shot of the Clever login page below that I am logged into the chrome browser.  When I click on Login with Google, the browser loads my profile causing the login error.

You can add your children’s login on your browser by clicking on the circle user icon in the upper right-hand corner (show with a picture, icon or initial)

Enter your student’s district-provided Google account email and password.  In the following screen shot, you can see that I have now that I have added my daughter’s account.

Now, when I login to Clever, I have a choice to choose my Google account or my daughter’s account.

Please direct any additional questions to Bill Ofstun ( bofstun@longview.k12.wa.us )

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