Our Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Facility (MOTF) group would like to recognize the following employees:

Loren Bradshaw, a district electrician, has spent many of his Saturdays helping out when unexpected events occurred.  On more than one occasion he has gone over to the Olympic Elementary School gym to shut down the fire alarm when the beam detectors had been set off. On another occasion, he fixed the backboard of the basketball hoop just in time for an R.A. Long basketball game. Loren has done a lot for this district and we appreciate him greatly. Loren and his wife, Annette, also go to R.A. Long and Mark Morris High School games whenever they can, even though they don’t have kids in school anymore!

The Facilities team would also like to recognize Krista Coleman and Rosie Carter for their work on the district’s facility usage calendars. The Facilities department recently decided to switch their facility usage calendar from a vendor called, “SchoolDude”, to Google Calendars. In less than one week, Krista and Rosie created new Google Calendars for each school, and transferred all of the existing events from SchoolDude to Google Calendars and got it running seamlessly on the district web site. Prior to the new calendars going live, Krista went to each of the schools and offered assistance with Google Calendars.

We appreciate these employees and all the work they have done for Maintenance and Facilities team!