The Longview Schools replacement levy passed with 58 percent support from the community – thank you! School districts need the trust and backing of the public to be successful and we are very grateful to all of you.

We are also thankful for our dedicated and professional employees. The genuine care the Longview Schools team has for the students we serve assures that we will continue to provide our kids a quality education and a bright future.

About ten years ago the high school graduation rate stood at 67 percent and the district was struggling. Now, the high school graduation rate is 86 percent, and well above the state average.

The district is on the right path.

It’s not just graduation rates that are doing well, its student achievement too. Gains in reading are impressive, with an average 15 percentage point gain of students testing at or above the state standards compared to their first year tested on the state mandated assessment. That translates into 420 more kids reading at the standard level than the first year this data was collected.

In math, we’ve seen a 2.4 percentage point gain in the number of students who test at or above state standards. In both reading and math, at all grade levels, the gains we’re experiencing exceed the average gains across the state.

District employees are doing outstanding work to meet the academic and social/emotional needs of our students. Creating a positive school climate where kids want to come to school leads to higher student achievement and brighter futures for our kids.

Recently, the district pre-apprenticeship program earned state certification. Being one of just a handful of certified programs across the state means our students have an advantage in pursuing careers in the trades.

Students are receiving a quality education that provides them with options upon graduation to attend college, enlist in the military, pursue a career in the trades or join the workforce.

Looking ahead, we will continue to focus on providing students a quality education. The passage of the replacement levy means teachers will get the training to support student achievement and capitalize on the gains we’ve made.

You will also see a continued spotlight on literacy. Research clearly shows kids with strong literacy skills achieve in class and graduate high school. The more books we get in students hands, the more we encourage parents to read to their kids, the better off our community will be.

The school district is providing kids a quality education and is on the right path.  Our staff is doing outstanding work and we look forward to continuing to work together to help lift Longview.

We appreciate your trust and support in Longview Schools.