At its regular meeting on February 10, the Longview School Board of Directors:

  • Heard the superintendent’s report including two Star Polishers: Savannah Fesler, a student at R.A. Long, says Mr. Ruiz is her Star Polisher. Savannah said, “Mr. Ruiz has helped me discover what I want to do after high school and taught me many things that I will be able to use in my future career in nursing. I have always been interested in the medical field, but Mr. Ruiz has expanded my understanding of the medical field and made me want to be a part of it.”
  • Destany Torres, a student at Mark Morris High School, says Mr. Ulman is her Star Polisher. Destany said, “Kim Ulman is a god among men. You could ask any student of his, and they would all agree- Mr. Ulman carried AP U.S. History on his back. There is no other former football coach that I would rather have to teach us history. He made a boring subject worth learning with his humor and methods of teaching. I will never forget all the sad dog videos we watched in that class.”
  • Recognized district Nationally Board Certified Teachers. See list below.
  • Heard testimony from an individual who expressed concern about a proposed trimester system at Longview high schools. He noted that it would negatively affect student-teacher relationships and student academic achievement.
  • Heard concerns from a parent who would like to see the district’s Highly Capable program become more robust.
  • Received a report on the Highly Capable program.
  • Discussed the 2020-21 school board budget parameters and referred the draft parameters back to the Finance, Facility and Technology Committee.
  • Next meeting: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 Budget Workshop

Here is a list of district teachers who have earned National Board of Certification: Columbia Heights: Carolyn Kochis, CVG: Stacey Niemi, Lori Parcell, Jodie Rodriguez, Kessler: Linda Miles, Barbara Moore, Mark Morris: Christopher Coffee, Anna Langenbach, Lauren Princehouse, Travis Ruhter, Diondra Volk, Mint Valley: Greg Buckiewicz, Susan Christophersen, Michelle McDonald, Monticello: Ryan Chinchen, Scott Firth, Jessica Jones, Constance Noakes, Michelle Opgrande, Anna Peterson, Jayne Poole, Lanette Shepherd, Mt. Solo: Daniel Reed, Northlake: Saskia Rivera, Olympic: Angela Guinn, Carmen Hewitt, Angela Richards, Jennifer Sharer, Shawna Wilson, Ellen Winn, St. Helens: Kelley Smith.