A message for Kessler Elementary families:

Dear Parents and Families,

This email is a safety and security update for Kessler families.

The City of Longview has declared a severe weather event for tonight. This First Christian Church, which is across the street from Kessler Elementary, announced they will be operating a homeless shelter tonight through Saturday morning.

The district has contracted with Columbia Security to patrol the grounds around Kessler Elementary in the afternoon from 2:45pm until 5:45pm, then again in the morning from 6:45am until 8:45am, to assure the safety of our students. We are in close contact with Longview Police, and have asked them to increase their presence in the area. Also, the district is working with the ministerial association, who is managing the severe weather shelter, to understand how best to keep our students and staff safe. The church has set up a phone number for residents to report any incidents which may occur. The number is 360-749-8056 extension 123.

The safety of our students and staff members is our top priority. If you have any questions please give me a call.



Noma Hudson, Principal

Kessler Elementary School

Phone: (360) 575-7580