Cascade and Monticello music students traveled to the Oregon National Primate Research  Center in Beaverton, OR this week to learn about the scientific breakthroughs in the areas of addiction, immunology and neurology.  They toured monkey colonies and learned about the care and feeding of the animals as well as behavioral research. Our students asked insightful questions and we planted a seed of hope for their future by gaining a sense of purpose in their studies.

Mr. Rugg, the Cascade Middle School Principal, went bananas over this exciting event and accompanied his students on the trip! He doesn’t monkey around because he believes that “The role of the school is to help students think about their future, explore the widest possible opportunities available to them, and understand what they need to do to achieve a particular goal”
p. 111  Building a Culture of Hope – Robert Barr & Emily Gibson

Monticello Students at Oregon National Primate Research Center
Cascade Students at Oregon National Primate Research Center