At its regular July 22 meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Heard about two Star Polishers. RA Long student, Farryn Hubbard, says Mr. Cohen is her Star Polisher. Farryn said, “Mr. Cohen is my biology teacher and he’s made it very hands on for the class. We do many labs in AP biology, which has helped me with the more difficult topics in class. The notes we take are full of the necessary information and use good analogies to further explain the concepts.”
  • Xavier Goddard, from Mark Morris High School, says Mrs. Pederson is his Star Polisher. Xavier said, “Mrs. Pederson goes above and beyond to do anything she can to help the students.”
  • Dr. Zorn also reported meeting with a constituent about “financial literacy”.
  • Awarded alternative PRAM repair project bids to various vendors to replace old carpet at the high schools, fix the sinks in the common bathrooms at R.A. Long and to perform a variety of concrete/asphalt repair work at R.A. Long and the entrance off of Lilac Street to the Business Office and Administration Building.
  • Received a 4-year budget projection from Executive Director of Business Services Patti Bowen.
  • Discussed various topics for the Board Retreat agenda, which will occur on August 16.
  • Approved changes to both Policy and Procedure 3122 regarding Excused & Unexcused Absences.
  • Next regular board meeting is scheduled for August 12, at 6:30 p.m.