Monticello Middle School hosted another successful round of summer school. Incoming 6-8th grade students attended regular middle school classes like math, reading, science (robotics), as well as a new advisory class called Character Strong (teachers are piloting this curriculum for next year).

The robotics program clearly engaged the students who became invested in the daily challenges of crafting and coding using LEGO Mindstorms during this 2-week program. Building and programming codes for their own bot designs, students taught their bots to use a wide range of sensors.  Airblock and Blue Heron Force drones and Makey Makey (an inventor’s tool kit) were also part of the curriculum.

In the reading class, students read about Lewis Hine and how his work impacted child labor regulations.  Students focused on vocabulary and making inferences based on sound evidence.  While in math, iReady lessons were utilized as well as student-crafted games.

Overall, the roughly 40 students who attended Monticello’s summer school classes learned new skills, demonstrated creativity, and were fully engaged throughout the program.

Monticello Middle School summer classes

Monticello Middle School summer 2019