Did you attend R.A. Long all four years? Yes. I went to Monticello Middle School before coming to RA Long.

What was your GPA? 4.0 I am one of seven co-Valedictorians. I worked hard to earn a high grade point average and it has helped me earn scholarships. I take a lot of pride in my work and make sure I put in the effort to achieve high grades. I also ask a lot of questions in class.

Why do you ask a lot of questions? Because I am curious and want to know if I’m doing things right. I don’t want to get something wrong.

How would you describe your four years at RA Long? I’d say we became a family. They are very welcoming here and support you very well. They are also very encouraging. The teachers recognize your strengths and faults and help you improve. Especially if kids are having a problem, they look into it and make sure you are doing okay. They made sure I was encouraged throughout my academic and athletic career.

What sports did you play? I played varsity soccer and track all four years.

Tell us about your experience playing soccer? I began in a class of nine players my freshmen year and we all made varsity. I was a starter from the beginning.

What are some of your best memories from playing soccer? The easy answer is winning the Civil War, but in junior year, we made it to state. It was unheard of for our school to make it to state. The team was very close in my junior year and it was wonderful to go to state together.

What are some of your memories from participating in track? I competed in the shotput all four years. We called the throwing team “a village”.  We had some wonderful newcomers to the team this year and it made my experience fantastic.

What are your best memories from high school? In my senior year, the “senior sunset” was just amazing. It was fun to be there with our fellow seniors, talk, and have fun. We were closer as a class this year.

Does R.A. Long feel like a big family? There is a different culture here than most schools – much warmer spirited and welcoming to people. We are very inclusive. It makes me sad to say goodbye. It’s amazing to have a class that is so close – where you know so many people.

How do you feel about your teachers? I love these teachers. They are so nice, like another set of parents for me. They take pride in the school and want us to be successful. The teachers here put a lot of effort into the curriculum, which I think is amazing. I think they deserve recognition because they are all so caring.

What are your plans after high school? Playing soccer at St. Martin’s University. I am so excited to attend. I visited the campus and I am just ready to go.

What will you be studying? I plan to get my engineering degree.

Have you thought about what type of engineering you will pursue? I am leaning toward civil engineering.

Are other RAL students planning to attend St. Martins? Yes, a couple friends are going for track and cross-country. Josie Nickerson is going for golf.

What would you tell people about high school? I personally think the kids from RA Long have great potential to help communities and our world.