Have you attended Mark Morris all four years? Yes, I have.

Can you tell me a little about getting through high school? My experience has been very positive. Every single year I have taken rigorous courses to challenge myself academically.

How would you characterize your high school experience? A huge theme of my high school career is the personal growth I have made by becoming a more social communicator. So working on social and communication skills, and leadership skills.

Can we talk about the social skills?  Yes, a little story that is personal to me is that as a young child in elementary and middle school I was very reserved, I was shy, and sometimes talking to adults made me so nervous that I would shake. I knew that to be successful in life I had to overcome those challenges, so I challenged myself in high school by putting myself in situations that allowed me to communicate with my peers as well as adults.

How did you overcome your social challenges? The first thing I did my freshman year was run for student government. I put myself out there and was elected Freshman Class President.

What did you learn being class president? Mark Morris is filled with kids from all around the community. I found that working in class office, there are skills that I do not have yet, so I decided to join the leadership class at Mark Morris my sophomore year to gain those skills.

What did you do in the leadership program? In the leadership program, we work a lot on project planning and management as well as looking at social and emotional education. In other words, how can we evaluate people’s needs throughout the school so we can appropriately help them? That has been a big influence on my career goals as well as my education.

How would you explain your personal growth during high school? Very positive personal growth – rewarding. I feel like I have become more mature and aware of who I am as a person individually and as well as how I relate to other people in my life.

What does being a Mark Morris graduate mean to you?  For me, being a Mark Morris graduate signifies  perseverance because graduating is not an easy thing. The different things we are required to do is difficult in itself, but we all have our personal stories and challenges.

What would you like people to remember about you? I would like people to remember that I always tried to be there, I always tried to show up and work hard. Pushing myself and challenging myself and in that way it shows examples to other students to do the same.

Do you have a better feel for who you are after four years of high school? Oh, absolutely. One thing I realized during my high school experience is my story is diverse in that I can connect both with other people, and those I have similarities with.

When you say your story is diverse, what do you mean?  I am the first generation college student in my family. It is very exciting! I grew up in a family where just my mom raised me. I grew up with my three older sisters. My family went through a huge loss during my sister’s high school years. Also, I am adopted.

What are some of your best high school memories? The first thing that pops in my head is going to leadership camps. I went to two throughout my junior and senior year. My eyes were open to a whole different cultural world – it was nothing I expected. I value that experience greatly.

What are your future plans? In the Fall I will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle. I am thinking about getting a degree in psychology. Psychology touches so many different fields, but I am looking into counseling now.

How did you choose UW?  I choose the University of Washington for its reputation for having really good academics and I was interested in the diversity of the student population.

Are you going to work during college?  Yes, I do plan on working while I am in college. College is expensive. I have multiple scholarships, from both the university and many local scholarships that I am very grateful for. I do plan to work through college, not just for the money, but for the experience as well.

You seem to be a very experience driven individual – why is that? I see life as a learning experience, every day I am learning. There are going to be people who have other experiences that I have never experienced and just connecting with those people is special. I feel like people and the connections we have enriches life.

What is your grade point average (GPA)?  I have a 3.994 grade average. I got one A- in the first semester of calculus.

What are some of the lighter moments of your high school career? I know I am not a super comedic person, I know a lot funny people. If anything I am more of a serious person, which is how most people would describe me. The more funny people that I meet or just more expressive or compassionate, I feel that not everyone can be enthusiastic or funny, there needs to be the audience members in the performance. Some of the quote unquote friends I’ve met are Mariah Door and Anna Sanchez Matias. Those two people stand out as people who are positive and they are always making others laugh, including myself.

How would describe yourself?  Thoughtful and light-hearted, I use a lot of self-deprecating humor. When I try to be funny, I am only 4 feet 10 inches tall, so I talk about how short I am and how feisty I am – because I am not very feisty at all.

Do you think the Mark Morris class of 2019 is great? I believe so. What I have seen at Mark Morris, students are willing to do the hard work. A lot of them are driven and passionate about what they do and I think they will do great things.