A Field Trip to the Port of Longview begins with an hour long presentation by the Port that takes place in the classroom.  Dan Polacek brought to Robert Gray a video presentation that he had filmed using fly overs with a drone of the Port, Barlow Point, and Willow Grove.  The students were so engaged with the presentation!  Dan is an excellent speaker and conveys a lot of enthusiasm for the activities at the Port.  Attached are some pictures from the trip to the Port of Longview.  When you visit the Port, you take the entire one hour  trip aboard a bus.  The Berths can be super busy, and unless you know what you are doing, it is very dangerous.  So most of the pictures do not include the kids.  Also attached is a picture of our lunch picnic at Willow Grove, which is a Port owned and maintained property and another way the Port of Longview invests into the community of Longview.   In the pictures attached you will see one of the BIG HUGE cranes that the Port uses to load ships.  These cranes can be remotely operated!  They have over 80 tires each.  You will also see some huge tubes that are used for loading grain.  The Port of Longview has the most “state of the art” system used for loading grain which makes it very competitive with other Ports for exporting grain.  While students were touring, they passed by an Army Corps of Engineers ship in dock that is used for dredging the Columbia River.  When Dan Polacek, our guide from the Port,  announced it was an “Army” Corps of Engineers, the students on the bus began to cheer!  It was a busy day at the Port, so the kids really got to see so much.  Robert Gray will repeat this field trip every year.  It was very informative, exciting, and the kids learned a ton.