Longview Public Schools Director of Career and College Readiness, Jill Diehl, put her heart and soul into a grant application that is starting to pay off. The state grant of $1.1 million awarded to the

Jill Diehl explains the design of the new RAL vocational center to Daily News reporter Mallory Gruben.

district will go to remodel the old RA Long woodshop space into a high tech medical science and robotics lab, which will include drone piloting.

“Robotics is one of the fastest growing skills right now … so this will make our kid more technologically capable for a career,” Diehl said.  Vocational/career technical courses are open to any student in the district, regardless of the high school they attend.

This is another step forward for the district in improving and expanding career opportunities for students. The school board recently awarded construction of the new high tech vocational center to JH Kelly, who submitted the lowest bid for the project.

If the November 2019 capital bond measure passes further vocational/career technical updates will bring high school vocational classrooms, equipment and tools to industry standards.

You can read The Daily News story about the here.