During the November 2017 capital bond campaign many people asked questions about future facilities plans. Specifically, people wanted to know what the long range plans are to ensure facilities and classrooms across the district remain up to date, safe and productive for kids.

When the November 2017 bond failed, the Facilities Advisory Committee and district administrators developed a short and long-range facilities plan.

The short-term plan addresses the immediate needs at elementary schools, improving safety and security, expanding vocational opportunities and programs, completing large maintenance projects across the district and updating sports facilities through the 2019 bond measure.

If the November 2019 bond passes, in about 5 to 7 years the district will engage the community in a discussion about either keeping two high schools or consolidating. Based on the results of the community discussion a capital bond measure focused on high schools and other needs will be developed.

Looking 15-20 years in the future, and depending on previous bond campaign successes or failures, middle schools and other needs will be the focus.