Who would you like to thank for being a star polisher?

“Mr. Perkins,” writes Julisa Moses, 9th grader at Mark Morris.

How did this person make a difference in your life?

Julisa says, “I remember the first day of freshman year (because I’m still a freshman) coming in scared of being the only girl surrounded by so many guys with arms as big as me. The first workout wasn’t that hard but as we progressed and moved into more of the lifting, I was frightened. Mr. Perkins didn’t push me as much as he pushed the others but he pushed me to my limit. Perkins taught me without even knowing that you can push someone to their limit, even when you think there isn’t one. I never was pushed enough to the point I couldn’t stop but when I was in his class I pushed and was thankful with my result instead of feeling I should’ve tried harder. He taught me what people say – live life to your fullest or live with no regret.”

As part of our district’s focus on student connectedness, we shared part of a poem called “The Star Polisher” with our high school students and invited them to consider how Longview Public Schools staff have made a difference to them. Read about more of our stars and star polishers here.