December 10, 2018 Board Highlights

At its December 10 special board meeting, the Longview School Board of Directors-

  • Held roll call votes to determine board president, vice-president and board sub-committee appointments.
  • Heard the superintendent’s report, which included Star Polishers. Aiden Landers from Monticello Middle School says Dr. Shepard is his Star Polisher. Aiden said, “She has shown me how playing an instrument can be fun.”
  • Alaya Cripe’s math teacher from Kessler Elementary, Mr. Madsen, is her Star Polisher. Alaya said, “I can do math way better than I could before.”
  • Zorn congratulated Lacey Griffiths for winning the AWSP Assistant School Principal of the year award and five Olympic Elementary teachers for earning board certification.
  • Acknowledged the award of a $1 million dollar grant to implement a high tech CTE lab at RA Long.
  • Listened to a technology department report from Technology Manager, Matt Keevy
  • Heard a report from the 24-credit High School Graduation committee.
  • Listened to Facilities Manager Troy Lomax review the 2018-19 PRAM and capital projects levy list and approved them.
  • Approved revisions to Policy 2108 Learning Assistance Program.
  • Approved Policy and Procedure 5642 concerning Administrative Interns.
  • Set a special board meeting to discuss the Facilities Advisory Committee recommendations the budget.
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