Jennifer Johnson and a committee of students took on a project to create and now relocate Pearl’s Closet. The new home for Pearl’s Closet will be the student center at Mark Morris High School.

After all the work from Jennifer and her teammates in the leadership class, a team of DECA students has taken on the marketing and promotion of the grand opening event.

Shelby Hayden and Kolbea Mumma are students in Mr. McCormick’s class at Mark Morris. They have banded together to take on a project for DECA – the grand opening of Pearl’s Closet.

While Cowlitz County enjoys the lowest unemployment rate in decades at 4.9 percent some families with high school students are still struggling to find jobs and a steady place to live – this is where Pearl’s Closet comes in.

Pearl’s Closet takes donations of fashionable, clean clothing that teenagers would wear. Students who don’t have the resources to buy clothes can visit Pearl’s Closet and get clothes for free. This can include something to wear every day or for a job interview.

Shelby and Kolbea want to accomplish some noteworthy goals with their marketing plan for Pearl’s Closet.

They want to take any stigma from getting clothes for free away from Pearl’s Closet. To help with this the duo will get clothes from Pearl’s to wear and show off.

The two students also hope to get the message to parents and area residents that even though the economy has improved there are teenagers in need of good clothes – so please donate teenager-centric items.

Finally, they hope the community recognizes Mark Morris High School as not just being a great school, but a contributor to the community.

The grand opening is November 1 at 11:30 a.m. To donate contact Mark Morris High School at 360-575-7663 or email Mr. McCormick.