Education is evolving and methods for discipline are changing too.

Some of you may remember a teacher telling you, “don’t do that.” Well no more.

Now instead of telling students what not to do, the focus is helping kids learn how to manage their own behavior better – it’s called social emotional learning and conscious discipline.

Educators are now focused on “connectedness”, creating relationships with students and helping them learn how to manage their emotions and behavior.

Using the concepts of social emotional learning and conscious discipline kids will learn more, get better grades and stay in class.

Kessler Elementary Librarian and Writing Instructor Brenda Winters says conscious discipline has changed her classes dramatically.

“It did not take long for me to notice a huge difference in class,” Winters said.

She added, “The biggest piece for me of conscious discipline that has made the difference is developing tools to build relationships with kids, to connect with them. There’s more buy-in on their part in terms of learning when they know you care about them.”

Conscious discipline is a life skill that’s helping kids learn by improving the learning atmosphere in class. Students are acting out less and causing fewer distractions, student bad behavior “referrals” are down by about half compared to previous years.

Kessler Principal Noma Hudson has taken the social emotional learning training twice and works diligently to maintain its principles throughout each school day.

“Our kids need consistency, and they need relationships,” Hudson said.