“Airy the Canary” is the classroom mascot kids at Mint Valley Elementary look to when learning about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Students from kindergarten through fifth grade are learning about carbon monoxide through a partnership with Kris Hauschildt and the Jenkins Foundation.

To help students learn the concept of carbon monoxide Airy the Canary is used as a part of the curriculum. Mint Valley classrooms were supplied with carbon monoxide alarms and kids were given Airy the Canary stickers, which help spur conversations at home about the dangers of carbon monoxide.

Mint Valley Elementary Principal Jean Merritt said, “We are thankful Kris has taken a family tragedy and turned it into a positive community effort to educate kids and families about the dangers of carbon monoxide.”

“Mint Valley is proud to help Kris launch this initiative”, Merritt added.

Recently Longview Firefighters visited Mint Valley Elementary and talked about the dangers of carbon monoxide and the difference between smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.

Mint Valley is sending home vouchers to parents for a free carbon monoxide detector that can be picked up at the Longview Fire Department open house on October 13. The Jenkins Foundation is supplying at least 100 detectors free of charge.