A letter to the community from Dr. Dan Zorn,

I want to begin by acknowledging that the past few weeks have been very difficult for all of us at Longview Public Schools.

At a time when we are typically focused on welcoming children back to the classroom, we’ve been immersed in contract negotiations and work stoppages.  It’s been a challenging time for the district and members of the union.

Now that a labor agreement has been reached and school is starting, our teams are focused on healing and returning our attention to helping children learn and grow.

It’s my aim to work closely with teachers and the community to make our district better than ever and mend relationships that need attention.

I know we will reunite around our goal of providing our kids with the best education possible.


Dr. Dan Zorn
Longview Public Schools

Q. When will school start?
A. Schools will resume classes on Tuesday, September 11.

Q. When will school start for my kindergartner?
A. A representative from your child’s school will call to schedule a WaKIDS interview for the first three days of school.  Your child’s school will have more information about the gradual start for kindergarten students.

Q. Where is my child’s bus stop?
A. Check the district’s bus routing system by visiting longviewschools.com, click on “families”, click on “boundaries and busing”, then click the green Versatrans e-link graphic. Input your child’s grade, home address and zip code and a detailed map showing the bus stop location will be visible in yellow.

Q. When will class schedules be posted?
A. Elementary rosters will be posted by 3 p.m. the day before school starts. Middle and high school schedules can be picked up in the office on the first day of class.

Q. The missed school days will mean a new school year calendar.  When will that be available? 
A. The new school calendar year is not available at this time, wel’l email the updated calendar to parents and post online. We hope to have the schedule out by Wednesday, September 12.

Q. Will Wednesday’s still be early release? 
A. Yes.

Q. When will my schools open house be?
A. Visit your school’s website for detailed information on open house dates and times.

Q. When do classes start for the Broadway campus?
A. Classes will NOT start on Tuesday, September 11 for the Broadway campus. Families will get an email and telephone message detailing what day classes will start.

Have more questions?  Please contact your child’s school.