McLean and studentsWho would you like to thank for being a star polisher?

“Mrs. McLean,” writes eighth graders Celina and Miranda and seventh grader Monique at Cascade Middle School.

How did this person make a difference in your life?

Miranda says, “Mrs. McLean has helped me actually decide what to do with my life. I want to be a teacher. I have been inspired by how she deals with problems when they arise. She is funny, caring, and a great teacher. I love how she pushes me to boundaries that I never knew existed. She has helped me grow so much as a person, and I am very grateful for her.”

Monique says, “Mrs. McLean really helped me when I had been in her class for the first semester. Also she really helps me understand what we were learning, and I got it quick and easily. It was really fun and interesting being in her classroom! ”

“She is a great teacher,” adds Celina.

As part of our district’s focus on student connectedness, we shared part of a poem called “The Star Polisher” with our middle school students and invited them to consider how Longview Public Schools staff have made a difference to them. Read about more of our stars and star polishers here.