Longview School Superintendent Dr. Dan Zorn recently announced  that after working with the Longview Education Association (LEA), school principals and district administration, high schools will not implement the 7-period school day and will continue with a 6-period day next school year.

The move to a 7-period school day was in response to a change in state law–that requires high school students to earn 24 credits to graduate—and provides students more chances to earn enough credits during their four years. The 24-credit change is in effect for students who just completed their freshmen year.

The district and the teachers union agreed to spend next school year discussing ways to address the 24-credit graduation requirement. Zorn said, “We are committed to working with the LEA to find a solution that minimizes the loss of instructional time and the impact on teacher load while providing all students with opportunities to meet the 24-credit graduation requirement—especially students who may require alternative and/or additional opportunities for earning necessary credits. We also share an interest in finding a solution that creates new opportunities for students to explore career and personal interests and passion.”

Superintendent  Zorn added, “Leading change is not easy and sometimes requires us to take a slower approach to find the best path forward. The district looks forward to working with the LEA on creating a solution that best meets the needs of the students we serve.”