Who’s your star polisher? “Mrs. S.,” writes Kaitlyn, a fifth grader at Kessler Elementary. “She made me a key necklace for getting 100 Kessler keys in third grade, and I was the only person in the whole school who got one.”

Cindy Stiebritz and Kaitlyn at Kessler Elementary

Here’s the background: A few years ago Kessler had a program where students could earn “Kessler Keys,” for being safe, responsible and respectful.

It just so happens that Cindy Stiebritz creates necklaces out of vintage keys and charms. When students saw Stiebritz wearing one of her key necklaces, they all wanted one. She told the students that if they earned 100 keys, she would make them a key necklace.

“Kaitlyn was bound and determined,” Stiebritz says.

Now Kaitlyn is a crossing guard, working with Stiebritz, who leads the crossing guard program at Kessler. And of course Kaitlyn still has her Kessler key necklace.

Why did she nominate Mrs. S.? “I just look up to her,” says Kaitlin.

Stiebritz adds, “She polishes my star too.”

As part of our district’s focus on student connectedness, we shared part of a poem called “The Star Polisher” with our fifth grade students and invited them to consider how Longview Public Schools staff have made a difference to them. Read about more of our stars and star polishers here.