Who’s your star polisher? “Mr. Madsen,” wrote these five fifth graders at Kessler Elementary.

Kessler teacher Erik Madsen and students

Dylan: “He was a big inspiration. He taught me for two years.”

Jaiden: “He made me get my work done.”

Elsiee: “I was really bad at math, and now I’m almost above grade level. He breaks down problems (to make them simpler).”

Alaya: (dittoed Elsiee’s sentiment)

Dalyka: “He helped me with my ELA worksheet.”

“I’m very humbled,” responded Mr. Madsen. “I don’t think about star polishing but just about teaching. They’re a great group of fourth and fifth graders.”


As part of our district’s focus on student connectedness, we shared part of a poem called “The Star Polisher” with our fifth grade students and invited them to consider how Longview Public Schools staff have made a difference to them. Read about more of our stars and star polishers here.