Students go on-site to see construction trades

Local contractor JH Kelly hosted 20 high school students March 21 at the Kalama construction site of the McMenamins  restaurant and lodge for a first-hand view of construction trades work.

The tour covered design, engineering and planning, permitting and various aspects of construction. Students who expressed interest in carpentry, pipe-fitting, engineering, and electrical toured the site and witnessed how those interests would look in on a job site.

“This was an incredible opportunity for our students to see concepts and opportunities out of the classroom that could spur a their interest in an outstanding vocation,” said Jill Diehl, Director of Career and College Readiness. “We are grateful for J. H. Kelly’s willingness to provide the tour.”

Thanks to partners such as JH Kelly, next fall the district will offer expanded programs for high school students interested in building trades apprenticeships. Through the pre-apprentiship pathway, students’course work will culminate in twelfth-grade on-the-job internships with unions and contractors.

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