levy funding school houseThe four-year Replacement Capital Projects and Technology Levy would provide additional money for maintenance and improvement of district buildings, facilities and fields. It would eliminate the need to use $500,000 out of the general fund for this purpose. Of the annual $3 million request, $2.25 million is expected to support facilities upkeep and improvements. It also would enable the district to keep its teaching and learning technology up-to-date.

The current levy provides for:

  • Student and teacher computers, and educational technology on a school-by-school basis
  • Replacement school intercom systems that provide essential communications
  • Safety and security upgrades
  • Roof replacements
  • Boiler repairs and replacements
  • Concrete repairs
  • Electricity and lighting upgrades for energy efficiency
  • Grounds maintenance and improvements
  • Athletic field maintenance and upgrades

To find out more about the two levies on the Feb. 13 ballot, please visit our Replacement Levies Information Hub.