Each month, Dr. Zorn reaches out to our business community via the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce newsletter with information about the successes and challenges of our public schools.

The beauty of the public education system is found in our mandate to serve all students regardless of their abilities, background, or life circumstance.  Meeting this challenging, yet essential mandate requires an unrelenting willingness to adjust our programming and instructional approach to assure that each student grows regardless of their starting point.  This requires an instructional staff that is armed with a myriad of instructional strategies and resources upon which they can rely as they seek to serve the unique needs of each student.  I am grateful for the talented and committed Longview Public School educators that share this commitment to providing a quality education to every student who comes through our doors.

It is this willingness and commitment that makes the American public education system a unique and essential institution in our free and democratic society.  For many of our students, a public education is their best, and sometimes only chance to achieve a life of fulfillment and success.  In many respects, public education is the “great equalizer,” providing unfettered access to incredible opportunity.

The expectations of the public educator have never been higher than they are today.  The scrutiny under which the public education system is held can sometimes feel overwhelming.  However, our mission remains unchanged. We relish the opportunity to serve our community’s children, no matter their life circumstance, abilities, or background.  I am grateful to be a part of this most important mission and appreciative of living and serving in a community that continually demonstrates its support of public education and its mandate to serve all.