Applications accepted for Athletic Facilities Task Force

The Board of Directors has formed an ad hoc Athletic Facilities Task Force to assess the condition of the school district’s athletic facilities and to present the Board with recommendations for improvement.  The task force will prepare a report to the board that includes:

  • Identify and describe each school district athletic facility including location, dimensions required/desired for the activity, general existing condition and usage per year.
  • Assess condition and space of lockers/dressing rooms for each
  • Research related to desired playing surfaces and documentation of the pros and cons of each surface.
  • Recommendations as to what facility upgrades and modifications are most desirable for our student athletes.
  • Cost projections including future maintenance.
  • Suggested priority sequence for upgrading the facilities.
  • Identify funding sources and strategies.

Interested persons may apply online or by coming into the district office at 2715 Lilac Street and filling out an application. Applications are due by September 15, 2017.

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