Nov. 7 bond: Remodel Broadway Preschool Center renovation rationale

The community is asked to consider a Nov. 7, 2017 bond to replace or reconstruct four buildings serving the youngest learners. The Broadway Preschool Center is included in the bond based on the findings described below.

Built in 1946, Broadway served as an elementary school for decades before becoming a preschool.  The school houses 133 district preschool students, as well as community HeadStart classes.  Renovations would cost $12.5 million.

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Functional adequacy concerns highlighted in the Construction Services Group Facilities Master Plan assessment resulting in a total score of 51%, include:

  • vehicle circulation (including service vehicles) Five buses load and unload in the parking lot behind the school. Parents must park and go into the building to pick up and deliver children. They often park on the city streets and have to walk through the bus loading area to access the school. HeadStart buses load and unload on the streets in front of the school and a side city street.
  • parking The school lacks adequate off street parking for staff and parents.
  • safety-security, signage, fencing, etc. The school lacks fencing between the bus drop off area and a busy street. The school lacks adequate internal directional signage.
  • reception-clerical-business The clerical areas are small with tall counters and the children cannot easily be seen over them. The reception area is located in the hallway. There is no adequate work room or storage for supplies and materials.
  • administrative support One work room is located in an electrical room that also serves as an office area. The other work rooms are small and lack adequate equipment and storage. The mailboxes are located in an interior hallway in the administrative are which is congested.
  • counselor, support offices The support spaces for the children with special needs are located in various areas including a custodial closet. HeadStart spaces are temporary partitioned areas in various rooms such as general classrooms or electrical rooms.
  • clinic (health room) and restroom The schools clinic (health room) is a small office area off of the main administrative office. It has a small restroom that is not handicapped accessible. It does not have a shower. The space lacks a refrigerator or secure storage for medications.
  • student services support The occupational therapy space is a room that used to be a custodial closet. Other support staff offices lack acoustical separation between rooms.
  • staff workrooms The school work room is inadequate. The workroom spaces are improvised spaces that are also used for other purposes.
  • staff lounge The staff lounge is a long narrow space. It lacks adequate electrical service. Often when items are plugged in, breakers are blown.
  • staff support Many of the staff support areas are improvised spaces that were not designed as staff support facilities.
  • food preparation The food is delivered to the school and then is separated into individual servings by classroom. The kitchen area is small and because it serves as a HeadStart kitchen area, it has certain requirements for items that must remain in stock.
  • cafeteria The school lacks a cafeteria and students eat in their classrooms.
  • food storage (freezer, cooler, dry storage) The kitchen lacks adequate storage for many of the items that must be present in a HeadStart program.
  • food services support The kitchen area is not equipped with a restroom, small office, or lockers.
  • restrooms and corridors The classrooms are not equipped with restrooms. General restrooms do not have age-appropriate fixtures or changing tables. Changing often occurs on the restroom floor.
  • early childhood classrooms The early childhood classrooms are configured with a narrow entrance to the main classroom. Most of the rooms have some cabinetry and a sink, but is not easily used for instructional programming. The rooms lack a storage room for large equipment.
  • early childhood support The classrooms lack restrooms. They do not have adequate electrical service.
  • speech therapy The speech therapist office is a partitioned area in a large room. There is noise infiltration from the adjacent large meeting room. The office lacks built-in cabinetry or storage.
  • special needs support There are insufficient offices for teachers aides, HeadStart staff, and other support staff.
  • physical education support The gymnasium is undersized for many parent meetings.
  • library and library support The library is undersized. It is a general classroom that is utilized to store books and has some specialized instructional equipment. It is used as a reading area to augment the instructional programs. The library does not have any additional support areas.

Physical condition concerns highlighted in the Construction Services Group Facilities Master Plan assessment resulting in a total building condition rating of 35.71%, include:

  • exterior walls
  • exterior windows
  • exterior doors and grilles
  • roofing
  • interior windows
  • interior doors
  • wall finishes
  • flooring
  • ceiling finishes
  • domestic water distribution
  • heating systems
  • facility HVAC distribution systems
  • ventilation
  • fire suppression
  • electrical services and distribution
  • general purpose electrical power
Broadway site plan
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