Longview Luminaries: Gary Bryson

The schools and community of Longview, Washington have long supported the development of outstanding individuals whose contributions have enriched the city, state, nation, and world.  We would like to take some time to highlight some of these notable individuals and the nurturing community from which they came. These bright spots in the Longview community exemplify the values that the Longview School District aims to instill in all of its students and serve as beacons of integrity, passion, and brilliance. Here, we introduce the next of many notable Longview Luminaries, Gary Bryson.

Making his way in the world during a time of great possibilities, R.A. Long alumnus Gary Bryson’s contributions to the world of digital media may have shaped the world of cable television into what we know today.

Photo courtesy of The Barco Library

Photo courtesy of The Barco Library

As a student at R.A. Long, Gary Bryson played football, basketball, and baseball, all of which he lettered in for three years. After graduating from R.A. Long in 1962 as co-valedictorian, Bryson went on to attend Dartmouth College where he graduated with in honors in 1966. During his time at Dartmouth, Bryson played on the baseball team all four years, three of which on the varsity squad. A year after graduation, Bryson earned his Master’s in Business Administration.

With his Master’s in hand, he went on to work at Bell and Howell, an electronics company, where he was quite successful, before moving on to a position at TIME Inc. At the time, he was coming into the company right as they began venturing into cable television. He moved into the roles of Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President at American Television and Communications Corporation (ATC), a subsidiary of Time Inc. During his time with ATC, the cable television industry was in the process of creating C-Span (the Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) as a public service. Bryson personally had a hand in this, devoting many of his top marketing people to the marketing of this network and encouraging its founding. C-Span stands on its own as a non-profit network, serving Americans by broadcasting sessions of the U.S. Congress among other public affairs meetings. From ATC, Bryson moved to US West as the CEO of the subsidiary TeleWest. He retired in 1998, after leading SkyConnect as president for four years.

Although he passed away in 2004, Gary Bryson’s legacy lives on. In 2008 he was posthumously inducted into the R.A. Long Hall of Fame. It is hard to know just how much Bryson contributed to the shaping of digital media distribution, but it is clear that his hand in the business has not gone unnoticed. Cable television continues to expand, moving America and the rest of the globe into the future of digital connectedness. Bryson’s work during his career, as well as his dedication to his academic achievement encompasses the Longview School District’s values and exemplifies the district’s commitment to the success of each of its students. As we look to the future, Longview Schools appreciates the efforts of our alumni in creating a better world.

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