Principal Noma Hudson, left, took over the principal post at Kessler Elementary School this year and has had a positive influence on the climate making it feel more united. Discipline problems are handled promptly and in a positive manner. Student achievement is a priority and Noma instills the attitude that all children are learners.

Noma began her time with LPS in 1983 as an English teacher. She spent a number of years as a valuable team member at Mark Morris High School and serving as LEA President. In more recent years, she has served as an assistant principal and principal at RAL, CVG, and Cascade.


Mark Morris custodian Eileen Goodwin, right, has been an invaluable team member in both food service and operations since 2010. She is currently a custodian at Mark Morris and her flexibility and willingness to help beyond her assigned responsibilities are greatly appreciated. She goes above and beyond expectations of the job on a daily basis. Safety and security of the building are a responsibility of this position that she takes as seriously as the cleanliness of the building. Without employees like Eileen who are willing to sub in other positions we would not have such a smooth transition when unplanned absences (morning call ins) happen in the Operations Department.