Teacher Scott Firth (left) has been a teacher with the district since August 2004, when he began his journey at Monticello–where he is still an outstanding math teacher. Scott understands Monticello’s diverse student population, and he was recently asked to lead a session on student social skills impacting student achievement for the Longview/Kelso Inspiring Teachers training in February and March. The positive feedback from his session was overwhelming. His impact on student achievement can now be seen district-wide.

Dan Jones (right) has worked with the Longview Schools Technology Department since 1996. He is a kind and calm-mannered individual who treats his customers and his co-workers with a high degree of respect. He is solution-focused. Technology often requires maintenance and system updates outside of the regular work day. Dan is willing to spend Saturdays (or early-mornings or late-afternoons) doing critical infrastructure work so the system won’t be hugely impacted by the work. Dan’s efforts are significant, but behind the scenes. Helping develop a redundant back-up system or contribute to the systemic replacement of switches and servers is seldom noticed outside the department, but has HUGE significance for all network users!