Lynn Nelson and Cascade studentsWho’s your star polisher? “Mrs. Lynn Nelson,” write two Cascade Middle School students.

“Mrs. Nelson is an amazing teacher who makes learning science fun,” writes Caleb. “She cares so much about every one of her students and is always trying her best to make her class fun as well as educational.”

“Mrs. Nelson is very kind, and she really cares about her students,” writes Miranda. “She gives rewards for being good but also puts you on the right track if you are fooling around. She is very clear on instructions and actually teaches you things rather that putting up a slideshow and a worksheet and expecting you to understand it crystal clear.”

Nelson responded: “My thing is to get kids excited about science and consider it as a career. More novelty goes a long way. I want them to remember it for life, not just this week.”

When Cascade’s staff and students connect, our stars shine!

As part of our district’s focus on student connectedness, we shared part of a poem called “The Star Polisher” with our middle school students and invited them to consider how Longview Public Schools staff have made a difference to them. Read about more of our stars and star polishers here.