Each month, Dr. Zorn reaches out to our business community via the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce newsletter with information about the successes and challenges of our public schools.

In the Longview Public Schools we are working hard to increase our student achievement levels while improving the climate and culture of each of our schools.  Our Design for Excellence is providing the strategic framework for all of our improvement efforts.  The goals outlined in this design have had a significant impact on the work of our district’s Cabinet, our senior leadership team.  This group of educators includes our Assistant Superintendent of Business and Operations, Chris Fritsch; our Executive Director of Leadership and Learning, Ken Hermanson; our Director of Communications and Technology, Sandy Catt; and our newest Cabinet member, Director of Human Resources, Ron Kramer.  Each year we sit down and create our Cabinet Platform which serves as our leadership guide for the coming year.  In doing so, we have determined to focus our efforts on the following actions:

  • Collaborating with our schools’ leadership and staff to implement school driven efforts to support increased student achievement and improved climate and culture.
  • Promoting enhanced Reading and Writing opportunities in all of our district’s classrooms.
  • Guiding the creation of clear learning targets in each of our district’s classrooms.
  • Recruiting and retaining high quality staff members.
  • Removing obstacles that inhibit the performance of our staff members.
  • Providing the technological tools that enable schools to increase student achievement.
  • Communicating effectively with all staff members and our community regarding our district’s goals and the direction we will take to meet our goals.
  • Collaborating with building administrators and program directors to create a sustainable budget that promotes student achievement and mission of the district.
  • Developing and implementing a long range facility master plan that supports the educational goals and vision of the District.

We believe that we can positively impact the education provided each of our students by guiding the creation of a culture that supports and empowers the district toward constant improvement of the education we provide each student.  Through this belief and our subsequent actions, we are convinced that we can help make the Longview Public Schools the district of choice for families and educators.