Each month, Dr. Zorn reaches out to our business community via the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce newsletter with information about the successes and challenges of our public schools.

At its meeting on May 23, our Board of Directors adopted the Longview Public Schools Strategic framework, “Our Design for Excellence.”  This framework is a result of a year’s worth of discussion regarding the future focus of our school district.  At the center of “Our Design for Excellence” is our focus upon improving the student achievement levels of our students.   Our framework also recognizes the essential role that a positive climate and culture plays in determining our students’ academic and social success.

To achieve our goals we have committed to improving the rigor and relevance of the education we provide our students.  This focus will help to ensure that we provide challenging and diverse, curricular experiences that meet our students’ personal and vocational interests and needs.  We purpose to provide focused academic intervention for our students who are struggling to meet expected achievement levels.

The importance of creating effective relationships with our students while helping them to find ways to “connect” to their school is also acknowledged in our framework.  We recognize that many of our students come to us with social, emotional, behavioral, and physical health needs, and that it is our responsibility to work with our students, their families, and community organizations to help our students overcome these challenges.

The financial resources we have available are limited.  Consequently, we have pledged to manage our resources prudently, and focus our financial priorities on our students, their achievement needs, and the district’s established goals.  We recognize that our facilities constitute a significant community investment in our students and the education we provide.  To protect this investment, we have committed to maximizing the life and functionality of existing facilities while we plan for the future needs of our educational system and its students. The importance of providing schools that are safe and functional and designed to maximize teaching and learning is recognized as an important factor in improving student achievement.

We are committed to serving our students, their families, the community and our educators.  Through this service we believe that we are best able to realize the improved achievement levels that are at the center of “Our Design for Excellence.”  We look forward to working with each of you as we aim to make the Longview Public Schools the district of choice for families and educators.