Each month, Dr. Zorn reaches out to our business community via the Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce newsletter with information about the successes and challenges of our public schools.

Cowlitz County school superintendents presented five areas in need of future focus at the “40 for 2020” event on January 28.  We have challenges before us that can only be solved through building strategies that involve our community partners who share our mission to serve all children.   This event provided educators an opportunity to share common challenges and to continue to build the necessary partnerships to assure the success of all of our students.

The five focus areas of focus outlines in the “40 for 2020” event are explained below:

  1. IMPROVING STUDENT AND STAFF SAFETY BY CREATING UNIFORM RESPONSES TO SAFETY NEEDS. We recognize that partnerships with law enforcement, government agencies, and the community-at-large are the best way to assure the continued safety of our schools.
  2. IMPROVING THE RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION OF EDUCATORS BY PROVIDING A POSITIVE AND ATTRACTIVE “PLACE” FOR TEACHERS TO TEACH. The superintendents share a goal of making Cowlitz County Schools the schools of choice for Southwest Washington’s educators.
  3. IMPROVE GRADUATION RATES BY PROMOTING MULITPLE PATHWAYS TO GRADUATION THAT INCLUDE EXPANDED CAREE AND TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE) AND SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS PROGRAMS (STEM). This challenge includes providing opportunities that meet the needs of our students bound for post secondary education and those who plan to immediately enter the workforce after high school.
  4. EXPAND OPPORTUNITIES FOR LITERACY DEVELOPMENT AND ACQUISITION AMONG OUR CHILDREN AND COMMUNITY. Literacy is the gateway to all other learning and is foundational to the success of our community.  THE most important thing we do is to teach our children to read.
  5. CREATING AND EXPANDING UPON PARTNERSHIPS WITH THE MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH COMMUNITY TO ASSURE THAT ALL OF OUR COMMUNITYS’ CHILDREN ARE READY TO LEARN. Our primary purpose is in assuring the academic health of our students however, we recognize the essential role we play in creating partnerships to help assure the mental and physical health of our children.

Good schools are essential to a strong economy, and our success provides a basis for the success of our entire community.  We look forward to working with our community partners as we seek to improve upon the education we provide our students and ultimately create communities of choice for educators, families, and commerce.


Dr. Dan Zorn, Superintendent

Longview Public Schools